Help Wanted. Need an Actual Democratic Senator. Inquire Within.

Delaware Democrats are in need of a new candidate to be our Senator in 2021. Incumbent Senator Chris Coons is no longer a viable Democratic candidate as he has been committing numerous and continuous atrocities towards Democratic Party principles at a rather alarming rate. I have documented these atrocities in previous articles here and here. But let’s see if I can condense it all in a paragraph or two:

Over the last two years, Senator Coons has been making befriending Republicans and acting in a bipartisan way as an end goal in and of itself, regardless of the nefarious policy required to actually make something bipartisan. He provided a lifeline to Senator Jeff Flake and wavering Republicans during the Kavanaugh by proposing conducting a meaningless FBI non-investigation where the FBI, as it turns out, conducted no new interviews of witnesses, thus allowing Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Indeed, Senator Coons was aware of an allegation against Kavanaugh that was not public and would not be made public until nearly a year after the confirmation battle. He informed the FBI of the new allegation, but the FBI did not investigate it during the aforesaid non-investigation. Coons stayed quiet. He actually has voted for some of the president’s judicial nominees and discouraging public confrontations with administration officials. He voted “present” during the committee hearing to advance the Mike Pompeo nomination, which allowed the nomination to advance out of committee and get a confirmation vote. Pompeo has gone on to become the most corrupt Secretary of State in American history. Coons has become the Trump Democrat to go to when you need a belligerent comment on Iran. Coons attacked Beto O’Rourke with Republican talking points after Beto argued for an assault weapons ban (that even Joe Biden supports) and a mandatory buyback program. And then last week, when the President was deservedly booed and heckled at the World Series, Coons condemned the boos and the chants by saying “I frankly think the office of the president deserves respect.”

Mr. Coons, at no time, in no circumstance, does Donald J. Trump deserve respect. I can think of only two instances where one should remain silent and “respect the office.” One is where the President is performing official duties at a funeral or in a cemetery. I will concede that Trump should be free from a demonstration of disapproval of his work in that circumstance. Another circumstance is when you meet with the President in the Oval Office. I think would give him respect in that instance in that I would not instantly reign blows upon the man upon first glance. You would still voice your disapproval and condemnation, but in measured, respectful tones. But in a public appearance at a baseball game? That’s fair game. At one of his rallies? Fair game. In any public appearance outside of a church, memorial or cemetery? Fair game.

So we need a new Democratic candidate, and this post is intended to start a search for such a candidate. Let me through some ideas out there: Matt Denn? Bryan Townsend? Kerri Evelyn Harris? Matthew Meyer? Sean Lynn? Throw some names out there.

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15 comments on “Help Wanted. Need an Actual Democratic Senator. Inquire Within.

  1. Jack Polidori

    You have made my decision to unsubscribe very easy.
    Using the word “atrocities” to describe Sen. Coons’ decisions on fundamental political and collegial courtesies is indicative of your hapless self-indulgence.
    My name is posted with this reply. What is your name? You ought to walk out into the sunlight of public discourse and quit hiding behind a pseudonym.

    • Coons is a shitmess. His devotion to courtly etiquette can’t cover that up.

    • pee pee poo poo chris coo s is a bad senator and every delawarean (even you!) deserves better

    • RE Vanella

      My name is RE Vanella. My friends call me Rob. Chris Coons is a garbage corporate Democrat. Rubber stamps Federalist Society judges, calls for war with Iran on Fox, is friendly with vile homophobes (prayer breakfast), &c. Coons is a walking atrocity. He’s not up for it.

      I feel like we should primary Chris Coons.

  2. We need at least one decent Senator. Coons is a hapless sycophant for the status quo. The status quo is fucked.

  3. Stan Merriman

    It is likely IMO that Senator Coons is practicing the very sensible strategy of keeping close to the enemy as espoused by one of my political icons, LBJ (his Vietnam cowardice being a massive exception).

    • Faithful Skeptic

      Good-o Stan. This needs to be repeated often to the fanatics here.

    • Stay close to the enemy long enough and you become the enemy.

    • Stan, Assuming you are right, and he is keeping enemies close… but to what end? What results has his servile version of compromising out of weakness produced? Name one.

      • stanley merriman

        Mueller protection bill, govt shutdown over immigration, protections for dreamers bill.

        • None of which has amounted to anything. Try again. Jason asked for results, not nice tries.

    • RE Vanella

      Boomer analysis. Here we goooooooo…

      • stanley merriman

        Name anything a progressive Senator got done in the last couple of sessions, assholes.

  4. Thomas O'Hagan

    Well said. I agree 100%. Now to find a good Progressive candidate to beat him in the primary.

  5. We need to replace all senators 2 terms and out stop pushing their own personal agendas

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