Vote Tracker

To help us keep up to date on all legislation that is of priority to liberals and progressives in Delaware, we will be tracking every piece of legislation from filing and sponsorship through the hearing and amendment process, up to the votes in each chamber.  We will not follow all the legislation that has been filed.

We don’t report on perfunctory bills or symbolic resolutions, unless the symbolism really interests us.  We will also not follow the progress of judicial nominations, executive nominations, or Concurrent or Joint Resolutions, unless they are a matter of controversy. So the legislation that is listed is a matter of concern and priority for those of us on the liberal / progressive side of the aisle.

The legislator’s names which are colored blue are Democrats. If they are colored red, they are Republicans.

In the far left column that contains the bill number, such as HB90 on the second line of the first page of the Vote Tracker; if that bill number is highlighted in yellow and bolded, that means there has been or will be some recent action on the bill.  For example, HB90 recently passed the House.  Staying on HB90, if you see the middle column titled “Description” highlighted in yellow, that means the legislation is a priority progressive legislation that we at Blue Delaware believe must be passed.   If the middle column is colored green, it means the bill has been passed through both Governors and has been or will be signed by the Governor.  If the middle column is red, it means the bill has been defeated or tabled.    I think everything else is self explanatory.