Vote Tracker

To help us keep up to date on all legislation that is of priority to liberals and progressives in Delaware, we will be tracking every piece of legislation from filing and sponsorship through the hearing and amendment process, up to the votes in each chamber.  We will not follow all the legislation that has been filed. We don’t report on perfunctory bills or symbolic resolutions, unless the symbolism really interests us.  We will also not follow the progress of judicial nominations, executive nominations, or Concurrent or Joint Resolutions, unless they are a matter of controversy. So the legislation that is listed is a matter of concern and priority for those of us on the liberal / progressive side of the aisle. The legislator’s names which are colored blue are Democrats. If they are colored red, they are Republicans. Everything else should be self explanatory.

Updated 5/17/2017.


HB3 – Paid Family Leave for State Employees – Heffernan
HB12(S) – Special Education Funding for K-3 – Williams
HB42 – Sentencing Reform – Changing Consecutive to Concurrent – Bolden
HB54 – Regulating Predatory Payday Loans – Keeley
HB55 – Raising Compulsory School Attendance Age to 18 – Heffernan
HB60 – The Opt Out Bill is Back – Kowalko
HB71 – Financial Disclosures for Public Officers (CMPB) – Kowalko
HB72 – FIOA Applies to Universities – Kowalko
HB73 – Double Dipping Disclosure – Briggs King
HB78 – Improving Campaign Finance Disclosure – Williams
HB79 – Automatic Voter Registration – Bentz
HB92 – Real Estate Transaction Disclosures by General Assembly – Williams
HB95 – Banning the sale of Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn – Lynn
HB96 – Collective Bargaining for State Employees – Mulrooney
HB102 – Raising the Corporate Franchise Tax – Kowalko
HB106 – 2 New Income Brackets of $125,000 [7.10%] and $250,000 [7.85%] – Kowalko
HB107 – 2 New Income Brackets of $125,000 [7.10%] and $250,000 [7.85%] with tiered reduction in itemized deductions – Kowalko
HB128 – Fair Notice to those Pleading Guilty – Paradee
HB130 – Expanding the Lodging Tax to Short Term Rentals – Hudson
HB143 – Eliminating Performance Assessment Requirement for New Teachers – Williams 
HB149 – Complete Your Degree Program – Bentz
HB151 – Adding First Responders to the Hate Crimes Statute – Hudson
HB155 – Death Penalty Preemption Act – Lynn
HB160 – Delaware End of Life Options Act – Baumbach
SB5(S) – Protecting Reproductive Rights in Delaware – Townsend – Passed Senate 11-7-1-2.
SB27 – Independent Redistricting Commission – Townsend Passed Senate 12-7-1-1 


HB35Targeting Illicit Massage ParlorsB.ShortPassed the House 39-1-1
HB89 – April Primary for all offices – BoldenHouse passed 34-6-1
HB113 – Making the EITC Refundable – BaumbachPassed House 34-6-1
HB114 – Raising Auto Insurance Policy Minimums – B.ShortPassed House 35-5 
HB120 – The Jimmy Carter Cancer Act requiring the insurance coverage of certain cancer treatments – LonghurstPassed House 40-0-1
HB125 – Reinstating the Death Penalty – SmykPassed House 24-16-1 
SB9 – Work a Day Earn a Pay Jobs Program – Marshall
SB10 – Increasing Minimum Wage to $10.25 – Marshall
SB14 – Elimination of Compensation Committee – Lavelle
SB18 – Requiring School Begin After Labor Day – Hocker
SB22– Correction and Peace Officer Pension Increases – Ennis
SB29 – Subjecting General Assembly to the State Employees’, Officers’ and Officials’ Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct Rules – Townsend
SB49 – Ending Homeless Discrimination – Townsend
SB53 – TransPerfect Fix? – Bonini
SB60 – Curtailing Civil Asset Forfeiture – Bonini


HB16 – Republican Repeal of Estate Tax – Ramone
HB63 – No Excuse Absentee Voting – Jaques
HB85(S) – Ending the 5 Mile Radius Preference for Charter Schools – Williams
HB90 – Early Voting – Bentz
HB109 – 2 New Income Brackets of $125,000 [7.05%] and $250,000 [7.80%] with a tax cut of 0.05% for every other bracket – Kowalko
HB110 – Legalization of Marijuana – Keeley
HB126 – Childcare Assistance – Lynn
HB146 – Moving the DMV into the 21st Century – Osienski
HB148 – Tax Deductions for College and Disability Savings Plans  – Paradee
SB44Registration with the Prescription Monitoring Program – Townsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 
SB45 Adding ‘Pink” to Schedule I Townsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 
SB48Pharmacist Narloxone ImmunityTownsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 


HB35Targeting Illicit Massage ParlorsB.ShortPassed the House 39-1-1
HB47 – Removal of Notary Requirement from Absentee Voting – Yearick – Passed the House 37-0-3-1
HB91Enhance prescription monitoring programMulrooneyPassed House 39-0-2
HB99Limiting a School Tax Credit for Retirees – WilliamsPassed House 37-2-2
HB100Provides medical and legal assistance to individuals denied drug addiction treatment on “medical necessity” groundsKeeleyPassed House 40-0-1
SB5(S) – Protecting Reproductive Rights in Delaware – Townsend
SB19 – Pilot Program for Disadvantaged Students – McDowell
SB28 – Requiring the Disclosure of Tax Returns by Presidential Candidates – Townsend
SB30 – Campaign Finance Disclosure of Donors’ Occupation/Employment – Townsend
SB57 – Clean Snow off your Car – Lavelle
SB65 – Banning Gay Conversion “Therapy” – McDowell


HB13 – Making Loveable Pit Bulls Legal Again – PotterPassed House 30-10-1 – Passed Senate 16-4-1 
HB11Expanding Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – Bentz Passed House 37-1-3 – Passed Senate 18-0-3
HB122 – create a new crime of committing assaults in a detention facility with a reckless state of mind – Smyk – Passed House 40-0-1 – Passed Senate 19-0-2
HB123 – Expanding Contraband to include Narcotics, Prescription drugs, Escape items – SmykPassed House 37-2-1-1 – Passed Senate 19-0-2
SB4114 days of rehabilitationHansenPassed Senate 20-0-1 – Passed House 38-1-2.


HJR2 – Rejecting the Pay Raise – Schwartzkopf
SB17 – Banning Discrimination of HIV Organ Donations – Townsend


SB25 – Constitutional Amendment to extend time to 90 days for nominations of judicial vacancies – Henry


HB14 – Requiring the wearing of Motorcyle Helmets – Lynn Tabled in Committee
HB36 – Banning Minor Possession of Tobacco – RamoneTabled in Commitee
HB58 – Ending Anti-Solar Panel Covenants – WilliamsDefeated in the House 17-22-1-1.
HB65 – Child Support Liens – Dukes – Tabled in Committee
HB74 – Amending Medical Marijuana Act regarding minor caregivers – RamoneTabled in Committee
HB75 – Requiring Agencies to respond to FIOA responses of non-Delawareans – BaumbachTabled in Committee
HB80 – Ending Auto Insurance Discrimination (Credit Report use) – ParadeeTabled in Committee
HB101 – Raising the tax on LLCs – KowalkoTabled in Committee
SB24 – Expanding Medical Marijuana to Anxiety – Henry – Defeated 9-1-10-1.