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HB 235 – Fighting Homelessness Discrimination

Sen. Marie Pinkney has introduced House Bill 235, which would empower the Attorney General’s Office to start civil proceedings against anyone found discriminating against someone experiencing homelessness. The bill also allows those experiencing homelessness to go to the Human Rights Commission and file a complaint when their rights are infringed upon.

“We’re providing a bite to our bark, basically,” Pinkney said. “We’re making sure that people have an office and a place to go that is willing to fight for them, that’s willing to fight for the rights that they already have and that are already theirs, but are so often infringed upon because of, again, their housing status.”

“These are rights and responsibilities and avenues of respect that all Delawareans have access to, but because of a person’s experience of homelessness, these rights often get infringed upon,” she said.

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Lynn, Dorsey Walker, Morrison, Wilson-Anton
Pinkney, Townsend, S.McBride
Current Status: House Judiciary

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