Debate Reaction – Night 1

Winners: Warren, Castro, Booker
Fine: Klobuchar, Inslee
Losers: Everyone else, but Beto especially. He actually should consider dropping out tomorrow. I also do not ever need to hear from Tim Ryan, Bill de Blasio, John Delaney and Tulsi Gabbard again.

de Blasio did a good job articulating what the party should stand for in one answer, but he was the rude debate interrupter most of the rest of night and I hate that. Which is why I disliked John Delaney too. Tim Ryan made me like Tulsi Assad Gabbard, which is an unforgivable sin in my world.

Chris Matthews made a shockingly good point, unusual for him, in that Joe Biden was also a winner on the night, since no one attacked him. I am surprised Warren and Booker didn’t do it.

I would expect Booker and Castro will get a polling bump. Maybe Warren too, depending on how the debate goes tonight.

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8 comments on “Debate Reaction – Night 1

  1. Beto’s performance stunned me. He was truly awful.

    Warren was great, so was Castro.

    I couldn’t stand Delaney. Did he really put forth the “vote for me, I’m a businessman” shtick? I was cringing.

    Last night’s format was awful. There were too many candidates on stage. Why not have three debates?

    Finally, Chuck Todd is the absolute worst.

    • He is uneducated, not finishing his BA. And it shows. Chuck lacks self-discipline.

  2. cassandram

    Warren did great and likely bolstered her place the front runner pack. It will be interesting to see how her performance influences tonight’s debates — especially among the other two front runners.

    Castro needed a breakout and I think he earned a boost to the viable pack.

    Booker was fantastic as he can be in these situations. But I’m not so sure this debate will change his campaign’s overall strategy which is really failing to launch.

    Klobuchar tied with Booker. She is not as visionary as I would like, but she really holds her own and makes a very good case for herself.

    The rest need to go. I am NOT a Delaney fan — he seems to be running the campaign Howard Schultz wishes he could run. DeBlasio pissed me off — he cannot be talking about broken immigration and ICE and border crisis with NYPD still not quite fixed. (And Chris Matthews pissed me off by insisting that DeBlasio was a big winner last night). Love Inslee’s focus on climate change, but I don’t think he will win just on that.

    Chuck Todd is an ass. No idea why Savannah Guthrie was even there.

    • It was the NBC corporate show, that’s why…

    • cassandram

      I was pretty delighted to listen to most of them. Even most of the folks I am not interested in sounded smarter and more committed to the country that the people in power now. And delighted that the majority focus of the evening (with some exceptions) was directly on people who work for a living — not on corporate entities.

      • Unstable Isotope

        I’m with you. After 2+ years of Trump’s cruelty and mendacity it was great to hear from smart, passionate people with good ideas.

    • Unstable Isotope

      I thought Booker did well. He moved to #3 on my list (after Warren and Harris). Castro had a moment and made Beto look bad but I thought it was too wonky (naming specific provisions).

  3. Great array of really great thinking for our future, excepting a few participants. Too many moderators…..under the arrangement Telemundo was necessary but it created a clunky process as did Chuck Todd. Wished Ari Melber or Rachael Maddow might have done it solo. Big, big problem…..Climate Crisis is that to the max….if it is not bigly addressed, all the rest is moot……..Perez, wake up….DNC members, demand a solo debate to get this addressed as the issue of all time, before we burn and drown.

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