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SB165 – Making Unions Great Again

I need someone to explain this bill to me. SB165 would permits private sector labor organizations and employers to enter into union security agreements to the full extent allowed under federal law. What are union security agreements? A union security agreement is a contractual agreement, usually part of a union collective bargaining agreement, in which an employer and a trade or labor union agree on the extent to which the union may compel employees to join the union, and/or whether the employer will collect dues, fees, and assessments on behalf of the union.

Is this law necessary? I mean, isn’t this the law as it currently stands, or have the anti-worker anti-union Republicans and their lackeys in the Chamber of Commerce (or have I got that backwards?) already chipped away at the law such that it is no longer effective and thus SB165 is required to re-enshrine the right to organize and negotiate collectively as workers into law?

It goes without saying that every Democrat has to vote for this.  Even Republicans should.  Cathy Cloutier is.

SB165 – Making Unions Great Again
SPONSORWalsh, Marshall, Mulrooney, Lynn, Keeley, Clouter, Henry, McBride, Brady, Jaques, J.Johnson, Mitchell, Viola
HISTORY – Senate Labor 3/22/18
STATUS – Waiting on a hearing in committee


1 comment on “SB165 – Making Unions Great Again

  1. Jack Polidori

    Excellent post. Thank you.
    Urging readers to watch SCOTUS decision in ‘Janus v AFSCME’ case.
    The Mitch McConnell stall out on Obama’s last year. Doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers et al.
    Bring back FDR.

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