Racist Republicans Can’t Get to Yes

Some important points to remember as people try to spin this in the coming days and weeks.  Democrats put forth a measure to guarantee pay and death benefits for soldiers during the shutdown. McConnell objected. McConnell refused to bring forward CHIP for additional funds over the past four months.  McConnell refused to bring up a DACA fix for months after Trump announced he was cancelling the Obama program but wanted DREAMers protected.

Trump promised if a bipartisan bill was brought to him he would sign it. Even said he would take the heat for any backlash. A bipartisan bill that would have gotten more than 60 votes WAS brought to him. And that was when the President revealed his true racism and started cursing “shithole” every few seconds.  He went back on his promise and the best hope for a bill that would pass failed then and there. This shutdown is the result of that meeting.

McConnell refused to bring forward that bipartisan Durbin-Graham bill to the floor, even though it would garner 60+ votes in the Senate.   In a second meeting yesterday, Trump was even offered his beloved wall, and full Defense Department funding, as part of a bipartisan deal to protect the DREAMers.  And Trump Administration’s racism still prevented a deal.   And McConnell still won’t have a vote on the deal.

It is long past time to realize that Republicans really do want to depart all the DACA recipients.  They don’t want to protect the DREAMers.  They want them gone.   So they should stop being cowards and own it.

But they don’t because they know how it looks.   And they know it’s unpopular.  Very unpopular.

The Democrats have the public on their side here.   Americans overwhelmingly support protecting DREAMers from deportation and offering them a path to citizenship.  Americans overwhelmingly support CHIP.    Republicans in 1995, 1996, 2011, and 2013 engaged in shutdown fights in pursuit of goals that were unpopular and divisive.  Cutting Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security and Obamacare.    Democrats in 2018 are engaged in shutdown fight in pursuit of goals that are wildly popular.  Like 90-10 popular.

If the Republican can’t get to yes because of their racism, Democrats should not feel the need to fund the government that Republicans are too incompetent to run anyway.

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15 comments on “Racist Republicans Can’t Get to Yes

  1. Rusty Dils

    Delaware liberal in full meltdown mode. Deleting and bocking comments. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

  2. Point of Order

    Del Dem, you left out the resolution from Clare McCaskill to continue paying the military during the shutdown. Turtleneck wouldn’t allow a vote. R’s are clearly attempting to bamboozle the public. The budget is four months overdue. They chose to ramrod a tax cut before taking up ANYTHING else.

    Richard Pryor was prophetic; they brought this s**t on themselves.

  3. Even CNN is seeing the light…

    Party of illegal immigrants, pink hat sign wavers, and higher taxes.

    That should go over well in the midterms.

    • Going well so far, or haven’t you been watching the special elections?

      • Um, Dems went 1/7 in Congressional special elections in 2017. And the 1 will be flipped back in 2020.

        I can live with that.

        • Um… Your lying, the special elections have gone in the Dems favor far more than the Republicans.

          • Please point out any factual errors in the following statement. Democrats have flipped one Congressional seat in six tries in 2017. It is highly likely that Doug Jones will lose to the Republican nominee for Senate from Alabama in 2020.

    • cassandram

      More in new poll blame congressional Republicans for shutdown than Dems

      This should go over well in the midterms.

      • Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin, and Heidi Heitkamp beg to disagree….

        • cassandram

          They might be watching their own backs, but that doesn’t negate the fact that majorities of Americans think the GOP is at fault here. And so they should.

          • Whoops, looks like 29 other Dem senators also are coming to their senses…

            • cassandram

              Only to fight over this again in a couple of weeks. So that now that everyone has heard McConnell say that immigration and Dreamers are a priority, if he proves himself to be a liar, then even more Americans will be clear about who is the cause of the shutdown.

  4. 1/6 actually, Commiefornia 34th was a hold.

  5. “Dems went 1/7 in Congressional special elections in 2017. And the 1 will be flipped back in 2020.”

    But far outperformed Clinton in every one of them, all of which were in “safe” GOP districts.

    You don’t even know when you’re losing. No wonder you’re a loyal American.

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