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Maron Orders General Assembly Democrats to Override Carney

I got a sense from yesterday’s Osienski and Paradee/Sokola statements that they were relunctant to promise an override vote of Governor Carney’s inexplicable and insulting veto of Marijuana Legalization in Delaware until they had taken the temperature of their respective caucuses and/or they already know that some members of their caucus are loathe to “embarass” Carney in this way.

First, Carney has already embarassed himself by vetoing a widely popular bill. He is due whatever is coming his way. Second, Carney has no power. He is now the weakest incumbent Governor in history. There is nothing to be scared of in terms of retaliation from an “embarrassed” Governor.

The Democratic caucuses late last night got a strong shove from their Party Chair, Betsy Maron. Here is her statement:

“While Governor Carney has been consistently clear about his stance on recreational marijuana, Delaware Democrats have been just as consistently clear that they are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Last year, we went as far as to include it in our Party Platform, which passed unanimously at the 2021 State Convention. Delaware’s voters have further solidified their voice on the matter by electing Democratic candidates to the legislature that support legalization. We are confident those legislators will override the veto knowing they have the support of Delaware’s Democrats.”

Emphasis Added. I have not been the biggest fan of Maron, but that sentence made me a Prime Member of her Fan Club. She is basically telling General Assembly Democrats to grow a fucking spine, you feckless wimps, and override that goddamn veto. God bless you Betsy.

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8 comments on “Maron Orders General Assembly Democrats to Override Carney

  1. cassandram

    Let’s also remember that this is an election cycle for all GA Democrats — most of who would be pretty happy to sail into campaigns with this win at their backs.

  2. Let’s also restrain ourselves from proclaiming someone a hero the first time she does something the voters want instead of what the governor/cops want. Well done, yes, but much more of it before we canonize her ,please.

    • Delaware Dem

      Sorry, Alby, I got carried away. It was so unexpected.

  3. Moderate Dem

    And yet you completely discount the democrats, republicans, and independents alike who are thrilled the Governor for once showed he had the ability to stand on his principles and not cave to the beliefs or positions of others. I do not want DE to go the way of NJ, who just recently started experiencing the hassles of what pot sales brings to their state. I don’t want the stench that permeates the air in DC and quite frankly I don’t want our law enforcement and medical personnel and educators to have just another thing laid at their feet that they have to handle right now. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think they will have to deal with the repercussions of such legalization.

    • cassandram

      There we go, more of the disinformation machine around this issue. Even Gov. Carney has better — still incorrect — excuses, buddy.

    • Joe Connor

      they are ‘wild in the streets” in Oregon and Washington after a decade of legalization and California is disintegrating! Oh wait, a regulated popular product is funding social programs with increased taxes and life is normal! GTFO sport!

    • Yes, we discount them because they’re what’s known in a democracy as “the minority.” You’re fooling yourself if you think we don’t see what a quivering coward you’ve revealed yourself to be.

      What is this “burden” of which you speak? They already proselytize against drugs. We already have to treat overdose victims. There is no extra burden that comes with legalization. And once we end this losing “war,” we can shitcan a good portion of the cops who waste their time now looking for, oh, say buses full of Black college students to stop so they can look for drugs and criminalize the Black folks so they can’t vote.

      I frankly think you should go fuck yourself.

  4. Joe Connor

    With all not due respect if Maron ordered a pizza its 50/50 the driver would say no.

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