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Rep. Jeffrey Spiegelman (R) Has A Temper Tantrum In Committee

He is being asked by someone I can’t ID and by Chair Rep. Kendra Johnson to stay on the topic of the bill being discussed (SB 90), and just explodes at this reasonable meeting request. It is, of course, unprofessional as it gets, but typical GOP playbook when they are not allowed to redirect the conversation to whatever topic they want. This is probably a violation of the Delaware Way too.

Love how Rep. Lambert, Rep. Bolden and Drew Voltro all leapt to their feet — ready for any of the go-to GOP terrorist tactics.

Clearly, Rep. Spiegelman is not able to professionally be at the table doing the people’s business. I see by the 62 District Strategy Update post that no Democrat has filed to challenge him yet. Let’s get this guy a challenger, Democrats!

11 comments on “Rep. Jeffrey Spiegelman (R) Has A Temper Tantrum In Committee

  1. Delaware Dem

    Delaware’s own Madison Cawthorn. Not mature enough to serve.

  2. Kayode Abegunde

    Whaoooo, very unprofessional and disrespectful to all committee members.

  3. Q: How are we supposed to identify the bad guys with guns?
    A: See video above

  4. Jason330

    Looks like typical White Supremacy Party performance art to me.

  5. First Time Commenter

    Thank you Drew Voltro!

  6. With all of the mistreatment of tenants coming to light recently and, I’ll be honest, all the anguish I’m seeing with dv survivors who can’t find housing, the least he could do would be to treat this legislation with respect and dignity

    • cassandram

      The long-building housing crisis and all of the ways landlords use that to mistreat tenants — especially those who use the vulnerability of tenants plus giant legal loopholes — to extract money from those tenants. This is a problem that needs respect and focus on making sure that tenants stop being treated as ATMs. I have plenty of neighbors who have been on the wrong end of these kind of landlords so this isn’t exactly new to some of us. But it is important to give tenants better tools and opportunities to advocate for better treatment.

  7. Lynn Eisner

    It has been my experience that “but what about” is the fallback position if someone is unprepared or unwilling to respond to the topic at hand.

    • cassandram

      Mine too. And the the current version of the GOP, this means just sowing whatever chaos they can to cover up for their lack of ideas.

  8. John Bob

    Lambert, Bolden and Volturo are COWARDS. They wouldn’t do anything, probably were chummy with him later that day

    • cassandram

      Stephanie T Bolden was a teacher before she went into government. That was an OG collect your student move and I would not have been surprised if she did. Interesting that all of these folk jumped up and moved towards this threat with no problem. You, of course, are one more silly man sitting behind a keyboard calling other people cowards.

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