F*ck No.

First she allegedly defrauded the state and abused her office enough. And now the indicted disgrace of a Republican Auditor from Park City wants the Delaware taxpayer to pay for her criminal defense. And not just any criminal defense lawyer, but a $550 an hour criminal defense lawyer.

From the News Journal: “Delaware Auditor Kathy McGuiness has asked a local judge to make taxpayers foot the bill for her legal defense as she fights criminal corruption charges.  […]

A seven-page motion filed by her private attorney, Steve Wood, on Thursday cites a Delaware court rule that allows public employees facing civil litigation or criminal charges tied to their public work to receive a publicly funded attorney. 

Typically, that attorney is appointed from the ranks of the Delaware Department of Justice. But because the Delaware Department of Justice is the entity that brought the five-count corruption indictment against McGuiness, she is arguing for the court to appoint her private counsel to represent her at a rate of $550 per hour. 

She is becoming a Trump Republican more everyday. The Judge can give her access to a Public Defender. That’s it.

Our hero Mat Marshall, spokesman for the DOJ, had this response: “It is sadly consistent with the defendant’s charged conduct that she would demand the taxpayers spend extra money when the law clearly commands a less profligate alternative.”

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3 comments on “F*ck No.

  1. Grant Brunner

    It doesn’t seem like someone concerned about wasteful spending would be asking for tax payers to foot the bill for a private lawyer. Give her a public defender or give her nothing.

  2. Profligate. A true comms professional.

  3. Either it’s a public defender (who will advise her to plead guilty) or even better be her own lawyer as that always works.

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