What Now?! – June 29, 2020

“United States intelligence officers and Special Operations forces in Afghanistan alerted their superiors as early as January to a suspected Russian plot to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan,” the New York Times reports.

The Washington Post confirms last week’s blockbuster from the New York Times: “Russian bounties offered to Taliban-linked militants to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan are believed to have resulted in the deaths of several U.S. service members.”

“The intelligence was passed up from the U.S. Special Operations forces based in Afghanistan and led to a restricted high-level White House meeting in late March.”

Donald Trump directly allowed American soldiers to be killed when doing everything he can to ingratiate himself with their killer, Vladimir Putin. He is a traitor to America and deserves a traitor’s punishment.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted President Trump for being beholden to the Russian government, following a startling New York Times report that Russia secretly offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Politico reports.

Said Pelosi: “Just as I have said to the president: With him, all roads lead to Putin. I don’t know what the Russians have on the president, politically, personally, or financially.”

She added: “This is as bad as it gets, and yet the president will not confront the Russians on this score.”

Future President Joe Biden: “Today the President shared a video of people shouting ‘white power’ and said they were ‘great.’ Just like he did after Charlottesville. We’re in a battle for the soul of the nation — and the President has picked a side. But make no mistake: it’s a battle we will win.”

In a familiar pattern, the Treason President turned to overt racism once again in order to distract the public from his crimes. Sunday morning, Racist President Trump shared a video he said is from the Villages, a retirement community in Florida, in which a man driving a golf cart with Trump campaign sign is chanting “white power.” The president thanked the “great people” shown in the video.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told CNN that Trump should take down the video as it is “indefensible.”

Trump took down the video, but the job was done. Look, this is not hyperbole when we liberals say Trump is a racist and a traitor. It’s fact. Proven fact. Undisputed fact.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told CNN that the “window is closing” for the U.S. to take action and get the coronavirus under control, calling the current state of the outbreak a “very, very serious situation.”

Washington Post: “Three serious research efforts have put numerical weight — yes, data-driven evidence — behind what many suspected all along: Americans who relied on Fox News, or similar right-wing sources, were duped as the coronavirus began its deadly spread. Dangerously duped.”

“Those who relied on mainstream sources — the network evening newscasts or national newspapers that President Trump constantly blasts as ‘fake news’ — got an accurate assessment of the pandemic’s risks. Those were the news consumers who were more likely to respond accordingly, protecting themselves and others against the disease that has now killed more than 123,000 in the United States with no end in sight.”

“Those who relied on Fox or, say, radio personality Rush Limbaugh, came to believe that vitamin C was a possible remedy, that the Chinese government created the virus in a lab, and that government health agencies were exaggerating the dangers in the hopes of damaging Trump politically.”

A new CBS News poll finds record numbers of Americans — 62% — say efforts against the coronavirus outbreak are going badly, including new highs saying efforts are going very badly.

Meanwhile, President Trump receives his lowest marks for handling the pandemic since it began; and the outlook for the summer is grim. Twice as many expect the outbreak to worsen, rather than improve.”

GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that Donald Trump could drop out of the race if his poll numbers don’t rebound, Fox Business reports. One “major player” described Trump’s current psyche as “fragile.”

“One month after President Trump ordered the nation’s governors to immediately reopen churches, his administration is facing a difficult dilemma,” Politico reports.

“Clusters of Covid-19 cases are surfacing in counties across the U.S. where in-person religious services have resumed, triggering questions about whether his administration should reassess its campaign to treat houses of worship the same as other essential businesses, or leave them alone and risk additional transmission of the deadly coronavirus — including in communities that are largely supportive of the president.”

“As an election approaches, Steve Bannon and his allies are trying to return the former chief White House strategist to media circles known to influence the president’s thinking,” The Guardian reports.

“President Trump — who has repeatedly downplayed the virus, sidelined experts and misled Americans about its dangers and potential cures — now finds his presidency wracked by an inability to shepherd the country through its worst public health calamity in a century,” the Washington Post reports.

“The dysfunction that has long characterized Trump’s White House has been particularly ill-suited for a viral outbreak that requires precision, focus and steady leadership.”

New York Times: “More than four months into fighting the coronavirus in the United States, the shared sacrifice of millions of Americans suspending their lives — with jobs lost, businesses shuttered, daily routines upended — has not been enough to beat back a virus whose staying power around the world is only still being grasped.”

Wall Street Journal: U.S. coronavirus cases hit another daily record.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) announced that, due to “significant rebounds in COVID-19 activity,” the state is putting a pause on approving counties hoping to move to the fourth phase of the governor’s reopening plan, the Seattle Times reports.

“President Trump has been asked twice in the past two weeks to outline his priorities for a second term. He didn’t directly answer the question either time,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Less than five months before the election, Mr. Trump has yet to publicly lay out a detailed vision for the next four years, instead touting what he marks as first-term achievements and arguing that his presumptive Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, will undo many of the policies he has already put in place.”

Maeve Reston: “President Trump has made many questionable decisions in recent weeks as he looks ahead to his increasingly difficult reelection campaign. But his administration’s decision to forge ahead with its effort to invalidate the Affordable Care Act through the courts may go down as the decision that carried the most risk for Republicans up and down the ballot in 2020.”

“The GOP has been fighting to eviscerate Obamacare since it was passed a decade ago. But the effort to strip Americans of health care has never appeared more out of touch and tone deaf than it has during a pandemic, when more than 125,000 Americans have died, more than 2.4 million have been infected and many have lost their employer-sponsored health insurance in the waves of layoffs that have decimated the economy.”

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) told MSNBC there needs to be a “consistent national message” from President Trump on wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Said Hutchinson: “A consistent national message supporting the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing is very important to making sure everybody understands the importance of it. Nothing beats leadership. Certainly it’s important to convey the importance of that.”

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