The 62 District Strategy – A Crowded Primary in the 14th SD

Conservative Democratic Senator Bruce Ennis has a new primary challenger, that in the person of Michelle Myers Wall. She is currently an Appoquinimink  School Board member who is already running for reelection to that seat this year. She can do that because the school board election is in May, while the Democratic state primary is not until mid September. If she wins that, and then wins the general, she would be required to resign the school board seat. Here is some details from the Middletown Transcript:

Michelle Wall has been on the Appoquinimink school board for five years advocating for smaller classroom sizes and fighting for more school funding. Now she wants to fight for education as a lawmaker herself.

“I have a proven track record of tirelessly advocating for this community here at the school board table, and I know that I can effectively continue my advocacy at the next table,” she said.

She sure sounds like a credible candidate that Bruce Ennis might step aside for. He has already filed to run for reelection, but people can change their minds. It seems that Wall anticipates that she will be running against Ennis.

“I don’t think elections should be about appointing your successor, or who’s next in line for a seat,” she said. “It should be about providing people with choices about who represents you.” […]

“When I ran for the school board five years ago, I ran to be a voice at the table promoting parent involvement to support teachers for the success of all students and my approach remains the same,” Wall said in response to social media questions about her senate run. “I want to be able to look at my family, especially my two daughters and say that when there was a need I did the hard work.”

I am all for replacing conservative and aging Democrats in the General Assembly. I look forward to finding out more about Mrs. Wall.

Here is our latest 62 District Strategy Chart.


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2 comments on “The 62 District Strategy – A Crowded Primary in the 14th SD

  1. Prop Joe

    Wall is a very strong candidate and worthy of consideration by voters in the 14th. She’s dedicated to the entire district and genuine in her desire to help families and constituents. This has been evident from Day One of her time on the school board and there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t do exactly the same type of public service as a state senator. I am tired of the glad-handing, Tammany Hall-type bullshit of old-timey Delaware politics and think Michelle Wall is the best candidate to toss that playbook out the window.

  2. Srymnapeep

    Kyra and Michelle are going to split the vote and re elect Ennis. I hope they figure that out and one is the bigger person. But yea it’s time for Ennis to step outside. Well done sir but you are old as well just to old…

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