Kowalko, Delaware United Endorses Kathleen Davies for Auditor

You get the sense that after the truth was revealed about why Kathleen Davies was put on leave by Auditor Tom Wagner (Davies was inappropriately maligned within the Auditor’s office BECAUSE she was performing too many audits of Charter Schools), a permission signal was sent to those waiting that it was now safe to endorse her.  Sunday, State Representative John Kowalko endorsed her with the following statement:

It is not often that I choose to make an endorsement in a primary election, but sometimes a candidate stands out from the rest and earns my recognition and support. An individual of impeccable integrity, experience and intelligence best describes Kathleen Davies. Ms. Davies stands above the others in my opinion and will administer the affairs and responsibilities of the Auditor’s office with an exceptional consideration for fairness and honesty.

I am proud to endorse Kathleen Davies as the Democratic candidate for the office of State Auditor. Kathleen Davies has more than 25 years’ experience in state auditing with six years as the second-in-command at the Office of Auditor of Accounts. Davies has the expertise to perform independent evaluations of state funded programs. She will work to identify recommendations for process improvements including work to support quality education and to provide recommendations to advance public health and human services. Davies has the qualifications, experience, and commitment to providing transparent public reporting and fiscal accountability.

Today, Delaware United likewise endorsed her candidacy:

Delaware United is proud to endorse Kathleen Davies for Delaware State Auditor, a role of utmost importance in holding accountable our government and public institutions. We have been very impressed by Kathleen’s credentials, experience, professionalism, independence, and integrity.

Kathleen’s experience shines brightly. She has achieved several important certifications, served on national boards and committees, trained individuals and groups extensively, and worked as a public servant in auditing for over 25 years. Most recently, she worked as the Chief Administrative Auditor in the Delaware Auditor’s Office for over six years, delivering numerous process improvement and cost savings recommendations and reports regarding misuse of taxpayers’ funds.

Kathleen has a long history of independence and integrity. Dedicated to the highest ethical standards, she has never allowed political or personal considerations to impact her work or audit findings. In fact, she has taken difficult stands against corruption and the mismanagement of taxpayer money. Over the years, she has produced many reports addressing transparency, inappropriate records distraction, wasteful spending, and fraudulent practices.

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6 comments on “Kowalko, Delaware United Endorses Kathleen Davies for Auditor

  1. Mitch Crane

    Good for her. Rep. Kowalko is a good legislator and Delaware United espouses for good causes. Now can we put to rest the argument that elected officials and organizations should not endorse? I support Kathy McGuiness, as do many legislators and unions.
    Let’s argue which candidate will do the best job and no longer denigrate. The other Party is rolling out its candidate and I prefer not to put this office into the Party of Trump.

    • Delaware Dem

      Mitch, my position is that the Delaware Democratic Party and its constituent committees (RD, County) must not and should not get involved in primaries. I have never said anything about individual legislators. I too would prefer not to put this office into the hands of the party of Trump, which is why I have already eliminated former Republican and Ernie Lopez supporter Kathy McGuiness as an option I can vote for.

  2. Mitch Crane

    and I understand that is YOUR position, DelDem. My position is that it is the responsibility (existing in its charter) of the Party and its divisions to inform its voters who they prefer, and why.

    As to Kathy McGuiness, she was a registered Republican for two years out of the 30+she has been registered. As you know, I was heavily involved in both elections in support of Senator Lopez’ opponents..I have no evidence Kathy supported Lopez, other than appear at one event. I have appeared at events for Republicans from time to over the years, but except for John Brady against Karen Stewart in 2008, I haven’t voted for any. Kathy has been a very active Democratic committeeperson for the last three years. When she ran for Lt Governor she finished first in her RD-getting a majority in a six way race. She finished first in Susses. The people who know her best support her. Kathy’s one opponent has been registered “independent” her entire adult life up until a few months ago when she dropped her campaign as an “independent” when Tom Wagner announced he was retiring and changed her registration to Democrat and filed. Good for her. She is trying to win and thought this is the best way.

  3. How many years were you registered as a Republican, Mitch? Or are you going to pretend that running for office as a Republican and then a Democrat is not a sign of malleability and opportunism but rather …. what? What do you call a person whose political philosophy is so directionless they can run as either one?

  4. Mitch Crane

    I have never been a registered Republican. I first registered in the Peace & Freedom Party in 1968. I became a Democrat in 1970.

    Kathy McGuiness was briefly registered Republican but otherwise has been registered Democrat for over 30 years. This bothered me, but I have come to know her and I know what she believes. I am not aware of her “running for office as a Republican”. Her races for Rehoboth Beach Commissioner have been non-partisan. She ran for Lt Governor as a Democrat. The people who know her best voted for her in that six-way primary. She received a majority of the vote in her RD, the 14th, and she finished first in Sussex County. I doubt you have ever had a conversation with her or studied her public record in order to know her political philosophy.

    Kathy Davies was registered “independent” her whole adult life, until she decided to drop her independent candidacy for State Auditor and run as an independent. I don’t think that disqualifies her either. It is the espousal of Democratic values that should matter.

    If being a life-long Democrat is the main quailifier for office, then support the 3rd candidate.

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