Jobs Blah Blah Blah

Republican Kathy Beard is preparing her campaign to run for State Representative in the 22nd District.   Her website, like her campaign, is a work in progress.  Here is her issue page on her website:


Yep, that’s how Republicans feel about you and the American worker.  Jobs, blah blah blah.

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13 comments on “Jobs Blah Blah Blah

  1. “The authors have deleted this site.”

  2. Jason330

    In terms of substance, there is no difference between “blah blah blah” and the “tax cuts work” BS that will eventually occupy that space.

  3. This is hysterical. I sincerely hope it was an accident to publish this. My favorite line out of this whole thing: “Screenshots live forever”.

  4. There is an old saying: “People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.”

    • LOL. This is rich coming from a Republican/conservative. The primary tactic they have used for decades now in defending themselves and/or advancing their agenda is Projection. In other words, they take their greatest weakness and accuse their opponent of the same behavior/offense/crime.

  5. How does this expression in any way fit the circumstances under discussion?

  6. Mike Madigan

    There’s an updated website up:

    • Whoa boy, some internet geniuses over there. When you click on that link, you get a WordPress Password login because they password protected the entire site.

      • cassandram

        I like it as a metaphor for Republican governance, though!

    • Prop Joe

      I entered the password “moreGOPbullshit”, but it didn’t take… That’s the right one, no?

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