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Carper votes against preventing cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Seriously Tom, retire.  This third way New Democrat shit is 20 years old and dead.   If you cannot vote for protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, then just end the bullshit and become a Republican.

During last night’s Amendment Vote-a-rama prior to the final vote on the Republican Donor Relief and Middle Class Tax Increase Bill, one of the Amendments was Senator Sanders’ Amendment No. 1720, which sought to prohibit any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as a result of the passage of the tax bill.

The much beloved Republican Moderate who Carper seeks to emulate, Susan Collins, voted yes with the 45 Democrats and Independents.  51 Republicans and 3 Democrats voted no to kill the amendment, meaning they look forward to cutting the middle class’ earned benefits that they have been paying to receive all of their lives.   Those three Democrats are our own Tom Carper, Virginia’s Mark Warner and Illinois’ Dick Durbin.

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8 comments on “Carper votes against preventing cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

  1. Are you surprised and if so why? As noted Carper is an unrepentant DINO, but we are not so lucky as to see him retire or admit he’s a Republican. As ever the question remains what to do about Carper, primaries cost big money (by my humble standards) and none seems to be forthcoming. Much like you I call his assorted offices on a near daily basis where his long suffering staff politely answers the phone and pretends they’ll pass the message along. But you would think that even Carper would have gotten this one right, to at least try and act like he’s a Dem. Even if it’s a sad and continuing lie.

    • Delaware Dem

      Not surprised. I had hoped that Carper would follow the lead of Senator Casey in Pennsylvania. Casey is conservative on some issue, such as being anti-choice, but he and other Red State Senate Dems like Manchin and Heitkamp and Donnelly and McCaskill have held firm and stood with the rest of the caucus on not only this Amendment but a host of other issues. It would have been easy for Carper to do the same. Like you said, this was an easy vote. And he got it wrong.

  2. cassandram

    Contact him and tell him what’s up:

    Twitter = @SenatorCarper

    Wilmington Phone = (302) 573-6291
    Dover Phone = (302) 674-3308
    Georgetown Phone = (302) 856-7690

  3. Ask him when he stopped beating his wife.

    • Senator Sanders (not a Democrat) sponsored the amendment b/c no Democrat wants to be seen out front on anything that would significantly benefit the American 99%.

  4. Thomas O'Hagan

    You need to retire. Democrats in this state have enough Republicans running as Democrats without you being on top of their ticket. You need to leave and make room for a real Democrat to take your place.

  5. Has he released a statement on this bullshit?

  6. Called his office just now and expressed disgust in young Tom, dare say I have some company. Person answering the phone did not have a statement concerning this amendment. As previously stated this was sort of the ultimate in no brainers and Carper failed. Again. Tell me again how we’re a blue state?

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