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HB34 – Public Comment at School Board Meetings

House Bill 34 is being heard in the House Education Committee hearing this afternoon. It is a simple enough bill. It requires school boards, including charter schools, to permit public comment on each agenda item presented for a vote at a school board meeting. The public comment period must take place before the school board vote on an agenda item.

The school board may reasonably restrict the time, place, and manner of the public comment period, including the number of comments from individuals permitted, and manner of speech (i.e. no threats of violence or profanity).

House Bill 34 – Public Comment at School Board MeetingsCurrrent Status – House Education 12/15/22
House SponsorsWilliams, Baumbach, Morrison, Phillips, Romer, Wilson-Anton / SmithSenate SponsorsLockman, Gay, Hansen, Hoffner, McBride, Sokola, Sturgeon, Walsh
House Yes VotesSenate Yes Votes
House No VotesSenate No Votes
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