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Dennis Williams Wins Parts of Wilmington due to mistaken identity?

We will be featuring the work of a local election data analyst named Nicholas Schrieber over the course of the next several months (if not longer).  He has been going through the voting data and producing very informative maps that we will feature here.  First up, the Democratic State Auditor primary between Kathy McGuiness, Kathleen Davies and Dennis E. Williams.

Now, as you can see in the map below, Dennis Williams won several Wilmington precincts.   Anecdotally, the rumor is that many voted for Mr. Williams in Wilmington thinking that he was former Mayor Dennis P. Williams.

Right click on the image below to open the image in a new tab for a much larger version of the map.




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29 comments on “Dennis Williams Wins Parts of Wilmington due to mistaken identity?

  1. That would be so weird if people in Wilmington voted for Dennis E thinking he was Dennis P. It’s perfect proof that all of those mailers don’t mean much. Because Dennis E had his photo on all of the ones I saw. I also think that is is fair to say that Dennis E spent a good deal of time in the City. Saw him at every event out there.

  2. SussexWatcher

    Either your headline is wrong or I am misunderstanding your point. Even if Davies had picked up every Williams vote in Wilmington, McGunness would still have won. Davies would have had to take about 70 pct of all Williams voters (statewide) to win.

    • Yeah, the headline on this one is pretty lame. Not only is it incorrect, but the story makes no attempt to justify it.

    • Nicholas Schrieber

      Davies would have needed around 30% of Williams voters (5,529) to put her over McGuiness. According to state totals, the City of Wilmington contributed 3,184 votes to Williams, which would’ve put Davies a little more than halfway there. Certainly didn’t help her.

      • SussexWatcher

        That’s assuming the other Williams voters just didn’t exist. A 30-70% Davies-McG split of Williams’ voters would still have led to a McG win. Davies would have needed a lot more Williams voters.

        It’s indisputable that Williams spoiled the race, but the headline that Wilmington was key just doesn’t hold up. It was part of it, yes, but not all of it.

  3. Peter Briccotto

    Honestly, I’ll be voting Spadola. Shame on a Williams for not politely bowing out & supporting Davies. There’s no way he truly believed he would win! Most Democrats can see through the lack of experience and credibility for the office by the Primary Winner, as evidence by 60% of the voters not choosing her! We need an auditor that’s independent & experienced with touch investigations.

  4. Mitch Crane

    and 65% did not choose Ms. Davies. So what does that mean? If you choose to vote for Mr. Spadola, that is your right, but tell me what are HIS qualifications?

    • He’s not Kathy McGuiness.

      • Peter Briccotto

        Come on Mitch! You’ve been in politics a long time – in two way race, your pony would have lost by more than just a nose at the finish line.

        He’s an experienced impartial investigator, and all around genuine person. I’ve only worked my tail off for one other Republican in my short political life, and I’ll happily make James my second.

        It speaks volumes that as Rehoboth witnesses unprecedented decline in business sales and room occupancy, the “champion” of the town flees as it economically faces incredible challenges with the expansion of the “Highway economy.”

        • Spadola served as an underwriter in NYC & has an MBA. McGuiness has infidelity, a pharmacy background, and wants to use Auditor as a stepping stone for a federal seat instead of actually practicing the position. Mitch get your head out of the sand.

    • Tim Courtney

      Some of Spadola’s Qualifications: while studying at UD, 9/11 happened. Spadola joined Army reserves. He was called and did 2 tours in Iraq. Returned, completed his degree and joined Newark PD where he served with distinction. As Kathy M. mentioned below, he has an MBA and a background in finance. He has the integrity and the dedication. That’s all I need.

  5. Let’s all come together in the spirit of solidarity. Reach across the aisle, united as one, for James Spodola.

    Embrace the resentment. Imagine Carney’s face. That imagination is the only reason I’m doing it, frankly.

  6. Spadoa is a first class POS and hypocrite. I voted against him once I will gladly do it again. If you think this reflects your values go for it. I’ll pass

  7. What’s the basis of your negative comment?
    Spadola is a standup guy whose true qualities lie in his integrity and honesty. Spend 5 minutes with him and I’m certain you will retract your comment.

  8. I dealt with his BS through an entire campaign. POS Hypocrite fit perfectly. I might add gold plated fake. You want him you are welcome to him. I’ve had my fill, thank you very much.

  9. You are not giving any specifics so I must assume that you are a lackey from the Harris campaign.. good luck to you sir

  10. I’m only voting out of spite. So I don’t care.

  11. 44 year friend, sport. I indicated I wen through the campaign.. I would say hypocrite is rather specific. How abut straight up liar?. I know my friend and “Spatula’s” last opponent has little support here I see no reason to try to change that. I can however accept and respect REV’s choice.. On the other hand JR you call me a lackey while behaving as one. Projection much:)?

  12. Joe.. your attack on James Spadola is are slinging mud with nothing behind it.. your agenda is very transparent with your disparaging remarks against a young man with great credentials. Spadola will make a difference to our great state of Delaware

  13. Whatever, if folks here support the guy let the do so knowing he didn’t choose to be a Republican for no reason, Cheers.

    • I try to vote for the right person for the job regardless of party affiliations.

    • In this case, I am happy that he’s a Republican. McGuiness’s campaign reaks of corruption. The best case scenario is she’s a naive newbie to auditing, and someone is doing something corrupt that they hoped an inexperienced state auditor would miss, and said “hey, I have a friend who is greedy for invitations to political functions!” and encouraged her to run for the office. The worst case scenario is she is complicit in the corruption and is willingly running for office to turn a blind eye to it. Either way, I look at this and go “something is rotten here”.

      State auditor has no control over policy. It’s not like he’s going to be able to implement a Republican agenda by shaping policy, and as a Republican you would think he would be motivated to find the corruption that has gotten Kathy McGuiness this far. Yes, he probably wants to use doing a good job as an auditor as a stepping stone for another position, like McGuiness, but at least he isn’t a scandal waiting to happen like she is, and he has the skills to actually do a good job at it, unlike her.

  14. And I believe in the tooth fairy:)….. I am glad we did not find out what this dude would have done a Lavalle, Bonini and Dukes caucus mate these past 2 years:)

  15. Rufus Y. Kneedog

    From the outside, he looks like a decent candidate or at least a palatable alternative. If you have specific info that would change my mind, then let’s hear it. “Partyswitcher” isn’t enough because the same could be said of his opponent and of Davies.

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