A backslide on gay rights

Sarah McBride noticed it.

And so did Mark Purpura, the founder of Equality Delaware, who wrote the following on his Facebook page: “Happy anniversary to all my friends who, five years ago today, were able to be legally married in Delaware! It was a rough Pride month in Delaware this year. Although we celebrated when the General Assembly passed a bill effectively banning conversion therapy for minors, Pride month began with the release on June 1st of a proposed education anti-discrimination regulation that is dangerous and harmful to LGBTQ youth. Then our Governor decided not to issue a Pride proclamation at all, joining the likes of republican Governors across the US and Donald Trump.”

John Carney did not wrap himself in glory this past month. He is dangerously close to inviting a primary challenge in 2020, because he is so worried about Republican Ken Simpler.  His whole schtick on HB460, the Budget “Smoothing” Sequester Bill, is to forestall one of Ken’s expected attacks.   So he is diving to the right and neglecting if not attacking his left.  In earlier times, punching hippies was a tried and true formula for brandishing your centrist bonafides among third way Carperdyne candidates.   But the hippies were punched so often and so long that we learned to punch back.

John Carney was a “close your eyes and think of England candidate” in 2016.  It was his turn. He had waited his turn and was owed the Governorship.  In that respect, he succeeded where Hillary Clinton failed.   He won because there was no viable primary challenger.

I think if Carney continues along this path, the reinvigorated left will find a credible primary challenger rather quickly.

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19 comments on “A backslide on gay rights

  1. Dustyn Thompson

    Oh Del Dem, you speak my heart song.

  2. cassandram

    You can look to NJ for a decent model of Dem governing behavior (so far): resuming funding of pension plans, on a track to legalize marijuana, increasing taxes on its wealthiest; a revamp of its school funding formulas for more equity, corporations taxed more. The Governor’s handlers need to isolate him from the Chamber and his business interests this summer and get him immersed in meeting and talking to his real constituents.

  3. We’d all love to see Carney get a primary, he’s no Democrat and needs a primary to say the least. Ken Simpler’s plan is a thinly disguised game to prevent tax increases on the precious rich. No wonder it appeals to Carney. Noticed some Simpler love here in the past, care to express it again at this time?

    • From whom? Certainly not from Cassandra or I. Maybe from our Republican/conservative commentators like Anono

    • cassandram

      No Simpler love here. He’s a doctrinaire Republican trying to not look like one.

  4. I am seriously trying to think of who could mount a real primary challenge for him. The people I like for it will never go against the establishment Dems.

    • elizabeth allen

      I nominate John Kowalko for Gov, and Kim Williams for Lt. The only ones in Dover who give a damn about the citizens.

  5. I think this is hilarious! Mark Purpura, his law firm, and equality DE have dumped tens of thousands of dollars into his last several campaigns for governor and congress.

  6. Mitch Crane

    Wasn’t planning on getting in on this one, BUT. as a former (and original) board member of Equality Delaware, I can tell you that Equality Delaware does not contribute to political campaigns. The only LGBT organization in DE that does ( and can) contribute is Delaware Stonewall PAC. The PAC cannot contribute to federal campaigns. It made no contributions in the 2016 Governor’s race. When Carney ran against Markell in 2008, the Delaware Stonewall PAC contributed to Markell in the Primary and no one in the General.

    Since I am here now, I will say that I am disappointed that Governor Carney did not issue a proclamation for Pride month, if that is the case and, more importantly, the revised proposed regulation 225 is a step backward and Delaware Stonewall President Peter Schott did send in comments to the Department of Education in opposition.

  7. Ok stonewall democrats. Still same people, Mark Purpura and Lisa Goodman.

  8. elizabeth allen

    How many of you really believe Carney in his heart and soul supports gay issues? Dont be naive.

  9. MikeM2784

    Markell (not my favorite in retrospect, but good on this issue) did not have any political experience when he took on Carney and won a primary; I don’t think we should limit ourselves to people currently in the arena when it comes to a primary challenger.

    Perhaps if Chris Johnson doesn’t get the nod for AG? His ideas would be a great starting point, and he’s building a base of support statewide already.

  10. Mitch Crane

    “Markell did not have any political experience”? He won elections for State Treasurer in 1998, 2002 and 2006!

  11. MikeM2784

    Wow….derp. Ok, please disregard that portion of my comment. Hell, I think I actually helped with one of those campaigns even. It was college years, so mea culpa.

    The rest of my statement stands. I do think Chris has a political future, though it could start sooner rather than later if the “mainstream” Democratic vote splits among other candidates.

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