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Now Is The Time To Correct An Error Of Neglect

New Castle County Councilman George Smiley has officially called for the immediate resignation of Council President Karen Hartley-Nagle in an upcoming resolution. The Executive Committee agenda (above) for January 9, at 4:00 pm, features this resolution for discussion. This brings us to the topic at hand. Where is our bench? Who is in the bullpen? Looking now, there are no viable options, only the old tired regulars who hang around the periphery of NCC County government (e.g., Bill Dunn, Dave Carter, Mike Protack, Mark. Blake, etc.). Where is the new blood? Where are the fresh faces?

First and foremost we need to address the current problem. Karen Hartley-Nagle (KHN) must go! There is no turning the ship around, or plotting a course correction. She is totally and utterly incapable of change. It is blatantly o virus to anyone who has ever been around her, or seen her in action. Her long burning lust for elected office had nothing to do with her desire for public service. Her goal was Power, or rather perceived power and the trappings of an elected position. Her sole purpose was to have the office, not the position. Let’s be clear, NCC Council President is not the leader of Council. It is, essentially, an at large member. The President gets one vote, like every other member. The only “power” comes from the holder’s ability to run the meetings and negotiate the peace between members. There are some minor supervisory functions within Council that fall to the president,  but these are merely due to lack of individual district work.  These functions, however, have been stripped from KHN because she shows no interest at best, contempt at worst for these functions.

Her interest lies in the perceived authority her office and duties have over people and the “perks” that come with it. The problem is that there are no perks, nor is there any real power. At least there is none for her. Many previous occupants of that role were able to create a sense of authority because they had the skills to lead, the personality to persuade, or the intellect to problem solve.  KHN has none of these traits, nor will she ever develop them. It is too late. She is a parasite that just takes, but never gives back. This is evident in not only how she performs her job, but how she conducts her life. The fact that she took and acknowledged a $60,000 loan from Patrick Jones and then told him that she would not repay it says a great deal about who she is at her core. She is a taker; a free-rider; a grifter. KHN is an enigma that has slipped into office because of a perfect concurrence of circumstances that allowed her to succeed due to voter neglect, or ignorance.

This is where NCC voters can help correct their error of negligence. While we have no ability to recall or impeach an elected municipal official, our voice can be heard. As much as she will try to cling to every vestige of the little Power she has, no one can survive the pressure of a determined electorate who calls continuously and in unity for her resignation. January 9 is the opportunity. We need to support George Smiley through calls to your Council member and by showing up to the Executive Committee and Council meeting that evening to demand her resignation in chorus.

Should she decide, for once, to finally do a public service and resign, then we can turn our attentions to the bigger issue. Creating a stable of young, intelligent, public service minded individuals (looking at you Mat Marshall, Cassandra Marshall, Jordan Seemans, Joe Daigle, Bryan Gordon, etc.) to refesh the future of County Government and ensure this lapse of judgement does not occur again.




16 comments on “Now Is The Time To Correct An Error Of Neglect

  1. This assumes that county government has a legitimate function beyond rigging up the zoning for favored developers. That assumption is unproven.

  2. Again I wonder, what exactly is Elaine Manlove’s job? She seems to investigate nothing, verify nothing and has been in her role since 2007. Seems to me a lot of changes need to be made across the board! It says on her bio she lives at the beach. What??X??

  3. SussexWatcher

    You’re a dumbass. The state elections commissioner runs the elections. Manlove has nothing to do with the conduct of officials once they are in office.

    • Manlove’s Deputy AG was given sufficient evidence of mischief with KHN’s 2016 campaign finance report by me late last year. She neglected to investigate. The Dept. washed their hands of it and told me to walk on by, nothing to see here.

      Now that Jones has stepped forward as the person who funded the mysterious cash deposits she made as loans to herself, will Manlove give us justice and finally investigate this?

    • cassandram

      Is this even an Elaine Manlove issue? Is this a Public Integrity Commission issue? Interesting that they aren’t doing anything on this.

      • good point. This is possibly PIC jurisdiction.

      • HyperbolicDem

        PIC handles lobbyists and ethics for the State. The NCC Ethics Commission is what would sewl with her. Unfortunately, her good friend and campaign contributor is the ethics attorney.

    • Well how we see Manlove had credible information before the election . . .

  4. Why aint you talking about Same Guy as the future of the party? Always leavin him out because you just dont like him.

    • HyperbolicDem

      Yes, absolutely. That is 100% why we leave him out. I wish everyone would do the same.

      • Just shows you dont know what you talking about. I told you before, Guy has ran NCC, and his work as a councilman shows what he can do at that level. Guy knows guv. if you dont know that, then you dont know what you talking about.

        • HyperbolicDem

          Thought you could use these:

          , , ; ‘

          ran not “has ran” (Either way is incorrect about him, by the way.)

          You don’t know what you ARE talking about. (Which is also incorrect.)

          If you are trying to make a point, check your grammar.

          • You know you aint got nothing to talk about for real, when you just call people out for grammar. No facts, just hate.

      • Straight jealousy. God is good!

  5. Mark Blake

    Well, here’s a first, “…old tired regulars..” I’ve never had that moniker hung on me, but then again, I have been very actively and continuously involved with Civic issues since arriving in DE, not so much the others you mentioned (they seem to ‘show up’ at election time and when they fail to get elected, slink back into the weeds). I’m amused and wonder what, in your opinion, disqualifies me from seeking public office (again?) should I decide to do so sometime in the future? I would hope that having the best interests of the citizens is more important than the letter behind your name, as this situation with KHN has clearly shown. Happy New Year!

  6. Buildings and development, are the only things that matter to the NCC council. They only want an increase to the tax base, than open land. WE need people who care for a better Delaware, than what we have now. Mark is a perfect example of the tireless effort in making NCC, for the better. But, no one cared about; his fighting for the community, work ethic, activism and his extensive knowledge of government and NCC! They only voted for the “DELAWARE WAY”.

    Unless, someone stands up and runs against the people in the Council, we will see a continued “CONCRETE STATE”!

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