Trumpcare Vote Postponed

Via TPM:

“Reports coming out that the vote on the House GOP’s Obamacare repeal vote will be postponed. Nothing official yet. But it’s looking mighty unrealistic that this is happening today.”

These guys are a disaster. What a sh*tshow.

Psst… governing is hard.

4 comments on “Trumpcare Vote Postponed

  1. Why yes, I did grin ear to ear when I heard this. Apparently the dreaded “Freedom Caucus” could not be placated into signing on to this madness. Cool! What eventually emerges is going to offend, enrage and generate hatred by the boat load.

  2. Those vaunted 45 negotiating skills in action! I’ve seen a few people today that 45 has a very peculiar negotiating style. His started with “insurance for everyone” and went to cutting off 24M Americans from their health insurance. THIS observation is a gift and I hope national Democrats start saying that — or even better produce commercials.

  3. So they made the bill more conservative to garner the votes of 30+ Freedom Caucus freaks. And they failed to do that. But at the same time, they lost the votes of 30+ “moderate” Republicans. Hahahahaha.

  4. Evidently Trump wants a vote tomorrow up or down. It looks like he wants to identify those Republicans he wants targeted in mid terms.
    It seems insane to take a vote on something that may not pass

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