How Trump’s Promise to Build The Wall “has made all of America into the first stiffed Trump vendor of his administration”

If Dems are looking for a win, Josh Marshall at TPM has a present for them. Read the entire article!

And yet here we are, one week in and Trump has managed his colossal self-own. Who’s paying for it? We’re paying for it! Or, who’s paying for it? Mexico! How? On layaway! Or with some kind of forced promissory note which they themselves reject and say they’ll never pay. Trump has made all of America into the first stiffed Trump vendor of his administration.

The “who’s paying for it” question needs to be hammered home. After all, Trump was crystal clear on who was paying for his folly – Mexico. No way, that’s happening – which says a lot about President “I’m the best negotiator in the world!” Trump.

The ‘Mexico will pay’ song and dance was always about dominance and power, not budgetary savings. Democrats should confront it on those terms. The precise dollar amount isn’t the point. After all the promises about his strongman power, how Trump bends the weak to his will, Trump got owned and now is sticking taxpayers with the cost of his nonsensical promises about how we’re just ‘fronting’ the money. He got owned. He lied. And now he’s resorting to the same ‘oh you’ll get paid later’ flimflam he’s used to rip off countless investors over the years.
[emphasis mine]

This stupid wall was what he ran on. It was the only thing he was consistent on. We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it. He must have said it a thousand times. If you believed that, you’re a sucker. Anyone with a function brain cell knew this was a big ol’ lie. Oh, and here’s your bill for The Wall.

Marshall goes on to point out how Republicans will “green light” the wall and bill the American people. His advice to Dems is to go after them by saying, “They’re trying to clean up Trump’s mess with your money!”

(HyperbolicDem has a post up about personalizing our message. I’d say, this fits the bill!)

His closing comments are instructions that need to be followed:

“It’s a gift for the Democrats. Please open it.”

Yes. Please, please open the gift!


8 comments on “How Trump’s Promise to Build The Wall “has made all of America into the first stiffed Trump vendor of his administration”

  1. HyperbolicDem

    “As I’ve noted, Mexico paying for the Trump Wall has never been mainly about budgets or money. It’s about dominance and humiliation.”

    This seems to be the sole reason for his candidacy and presidential actions. This all looks like an elaborate and incredibly well orchestrated middle finger to Barrack Obama. The question now is, what will he do when he’s dismantled all of the former President’s, or for that matter, the founding fathers’, accomplishments?

    • And he rises to the bait. Every. Time.

      Dems need to hammer this hard – Lord knows, there’s enough video footage of Trump’s “We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

      Trump has pushed himself into a corner. Not sure how he spins this one.

  2. Lookie here. Where’s the big, tough guy now?

    President Trump said he might want to cancel next week’s meeting with the president of Mexico after his Mexican counterpart again said his country was not paying for a border wall.

    Why cancel? Why not go and show off those awesome negotiating skills?

  3. Americans were assured the Iraq war was to be paid for with Iraq’s oil.

  4. BOOM!

    Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s office informed the White House he will not attend a meeting with Donald Trump, Bloomberg News reports.

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

  5. Do you blame Nieto one tiny bit? Not everyone has the restraint of Barack Obama. I know I don’t.

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