Delaware’s GOP Doesn’t Care If Your Air, Water or Beaches are Clean

The GOP effectively blocked Gov. Carney’s pick to head up DNREC — Sean Garvin.  Garvin was the Regional Administrator for the EPA under Obama, so it isn’t as though he doesn’t have the qualifications — you can still count on Democrats to care about basic competence for the job — but the GOP waves its hand at some BS charge of Garvin being business unfriendly.

It is ludicrous, of course.  And particularly ludicrous for a state that relies on being able to draw a ton of tourists here to enjoy our beaches and water.  Environmental regulations serve to protect our resources — air, water, land — so that we are protected from the effects of pollutants that some businesses and industries produce as part of their doing business.

The point of environmental regulations is to make sure that companies do not improve their bottom lines by contaminating our environment.  And the regulations here aren’t all that onerous.  Besides, if you follow the news, plenty of companies are bypassing the rules anyway and some who are seen to be problematic by their neighbors.   Last year, <a href=””>the Allen Harim plant in Harbeson was a source of contention</a> — one that even Rep. Steve Smyk noted could have some environmental issues.

Delawareans — besides the GOP in the GA — care about a clean environment.  They care about business and jobs too, but shouldn’t be bamboozled by the GOPs foolishness here.  We have genuine long term pollution issues (we can start with the inland bays) and we can’t just add to it because the GOP doesn’t value either our environment or our health.  The GOP is advocating that Delawareans should bear the cost and risk of more pollution so that companies can make more money.  That’s the calculation — more shifting of risk and costs to you, the taxpayer.

If you want to realistically minimize pollution to our air, water and land — preserving not only a vital tourist industry but your own lifestyle here — CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY.  This is especially important if you are represented by one of these GOP Senators who clearly don’t care about the health of you or your family.  Or about your property value, either.

And here is a note to Governor John Carney:  this is what “working together’ looks like to a GOP who can throw their weight around.  As in, there IS no working together.  There are real values here at stake and we need you to provide some leadership on those values and stop prioritizing “bipartisanship” at the expense of that leadership.

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  1. Calling now. And your note to John Carney is spot on.

  2. I’ve said it elsewhere, but this is just proof that we need to get Stephanie Hansen elected. That’s preaching to the choir of course, but they desperately need more boots on the ground in SD10. I encourage anyone and everyone to do some doorknocking and phonebanking when you have the time.

  3. Say it with me people! Let The First Hand To Reach Across The Aisle Be Cut Off! And of course disposed of properly.

  4. waterpirate

    The real question is why does Carney feel the need to replace David Small? Just because he can? David Small was trusted by everyone as being a steward of Delaware. I was in the Robbbins building in Dover when he was making the rounds on his farewell tour. He will be missed.

  5. Larry Mayo

    Funny how you don’t mention tha Representative Smyk IS A MEMBER OF THE GOP

  6. He was voted against because he had no clue what the storm water lawsuits were all about or the waste water outfall project in Rehoboth. That worked against him as well.

  7. waterpirate

    I still do not support bringing in a outsider over Mr. Small. I do not believe for one minute he was ignorant of those issues. I do believe that he may or may not have agreed with the current thinking on those issues. I believe that the storm water regulations were flawed as written and oppressive. A court agreed. As to the outfall project, I challenge you to come up with a better solution. Any land application in the inland bays watershed is bad. Dumping in the ocean is bad. What should we do with all the shit?

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