Elected Officials

Below you will find a contact list of each statewide and countywide official in the State of Delaware, as well as your members of the General Assembly.   During election years, we will also add in candidates for various offices and their contact information and campaign websites.

Republicans are indicated by Red lettering, Democrats by blue.

carney Governor John Carney Website. CampaignFacebook. TwitterInstagram.
hall-long Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-LongWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
denn Attorney General Matt DennWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter.
simpler Treasurer Ken SimplerWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter.
wagner Auditor Tom WagnerWebsite. Campaign. Facebook.
navarro Ins. Commissioner Trinidad NavarroWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Instagram.
carper U.S. Senator Tom CarperWebsiteFacebook. Twitter. Instagram.
coons U.S. Senator Chris CoonsWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
lbr U.S. Rep. Lisa B. RochesterWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
meyer NCCo. Executive Matt MeyerWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
hartley-nagle NCCo. Council President Karen H. NagleWebsite. Campaign. Facebook. Twitter.
sussex Sussex County CouncilWebsite.
kent Kent County Levy’s CourtWebsite.
purz Wilmington Mayor Mike PurzyickiWebsiteFacebook. Instagram.
vote Delaware Commissioner of ElectionsWebsite.
lobby Delaware Lobbyist DatabaseWebsite.
de State of DelawareWebsite.

General Assembly–Website.

State House of Representatives (Democratic Majority, 25-16)
pete Speaker Peter Schwartzkopf (D-14).
valerie Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst (D-15)
viola Majority Whip John J. Viola (D-26)
d-short Minority Leader Daniel Short (R-39)
hudson Minority Whip Deborah Hudson (R-12)
potter Charles Potter (D-1)
bolden Stephanie T. Bolden (D-2)
keeley Helene M. Keeley (D-3)
brady Gerald L. Brady (D-4)
smith Melanie George Smith (D-5)
heffernan Debra Heffernan (D-6)
short Bryon H. Short (D-7)
quinn Quinton Johnson (D-8)
hensley Kevin S Hensley (R-9)
matthews Sean Matthews (D-10)
spiegelman Jeff N. Spiegelman (R-11)
mitchell John L. Mitchell (D-13)
jj James Johnson (D-16)
mulrooney Michael Mulrooney (D-17)
bentz David Bentz (D-18)
williams Kimberly Williams (D-19)
smyk Steve Smyk (R-20)
ramone Michael Ramone (R-21)
miro Joseph E. Miro (R-22)
baumbach Paul S. Baumbach (D-23)
osienski Edward S. Osienski (D-24)
kowalko John A. Kowalko (D-25)
jaques Earl G. Jaques (D-27)
carson William J. Carson (D-28)
paradee Trey Charles Paradee (D-29)
outten William R. Outten (R-30)
lynn Sean M. Lynn (D-31)
bennett Andria L. Bennett (D-32)
postles Charles S Postles (R-33)
yearick Lyndon D. Yearick (R-34)
wilson David L. Wilson (R-35)
kenton Harvey R. Kenton (R-36)
briggs-king Ruth Briggs-King (R-37)
gray Ronald E. Gray (R-38)
dukes Timothy D. Dukes (R-40)
collins Richard G. Collins (R-41)

State Senate (Democratic Majority 11-10)

mcbride President Pro Tempora David B. McBride (D-13)
henry Majority Leader Margaret Rose Henry (D-2)
poore Majority Whip Nicole Poore (D-12)
simpson Minority Leader Gary Simpson (R-18)
lavelle Minority Whip Gregory Lavelle (R-4)
mcdonell Harris B. McDowell (D-1)
marshall Robert Marshall (D-3)
cloutier Catherine Cloutier (R-5)
lopez Ernie Lopez (R-6)
delcollo Anthony Delcollo (R-7)
sokola David P. Sokola (D-8)
walsh John Walsh (D-9)
hansen Stephanie Hansen (D-10)
townsend Bryan Townsend (D-11)
ennis Bruce C. Ennis (D-14)
lawson Dave G. Lawson (R-15)
bonini Colin Bonini (R-16)
bushweller Brian J. Bushweller (D-17)
pettyjohn Brian Pettyjohn (R-19)
hocker Gerald W. Hocker (R-20)
richardson Bryant L. Richardson (R-21)