Author: Brian Stephan

Just a dad, husband, and public education supporter. Small tent progressive/liberal.

A Response to Delaware Voice Column on Education

Education is the foundation to everything else. It is vital and important and needs to be repaired in Delaware and elsewhere throughout the country. I think this means putting more support, engagement and time into public schools, not less…So here is a list of amazing things happening in just one of the Delaware public school districts, maybe your next column and provide a bit more thought and insight instead of putting down the local public schools.


No Evidence

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told the White House press corps Thursday that popular vote loser Donald Trump’s budget cuts Meals on Wheels and after-school nutrition programs because those programs “aren’t showing any results.”


Colonial School District – Referendum 2017

Colonial has tagged the referendum with a theme of “WE invest”, pitching it as an investment in our collective future, and they are absolutely spot on. This is a discussion I had many times over during Christina’s campaigns, funding schools is an investment. You’re not looking for short-term profit, we’re looking for long term benefits.