McBride leads in Congressional Race

A new poll from the Delaware-based legal reform group Citizens for Judicial Fairness finds that State Senator Sarah McBride leads the Democratic primary race to succeed Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester with 22% to State Treasurer Colleen Davis’ 6% and former Wilmington Mayoral candidate Eugene Young with 4%. The remaining percentage in the poll was undecided.

That is a high number of undecideds compared with other prior polls of this race, with had McBride leading the race with 43% of the vote, which probably means that the pollster did not push for leanings.

The poll was conducted by Slingshot Strategies for the Delaware based group Citizens for Judicial Fairness (CJF) on Oct. 7-14, surveying 600 registered voters, of which about 45 percent were registered Democrats. It had a 3.9 percent margin of error. CJF is the latest incarnation of the PAC that resulted from the Transperfect Chancery fight a couple of years ago, where the losing owner of a part of the Transperfect company decided to spend millions attacking Delaware courts in TV ads. Do with that information what you will.

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3 comments on “McBride leads in Congressional Race

  1. According to Politico, the numbers are of registered Dems, not likely primary voting Dems. The latter is a much smaller group and more politically aware. That is likely why there was a higher undecided number here than in the earlier poll.

  2. I simply cannot put any stock in polls in 11/2023. No one is focused on the election except for the junkies…There are probably better things to do than to speculate under these conditions…

  3. Wait, 600 people, 45% were registered Democrats.

    And there’s a high % of undecided. Because in Delaware we have a closed primary and only Dems vote in a Democratic primary (and vice versa with GOP). Why would you poll any other registered voter for a closed primary between three Dems? I mean, I know why in this case, but this seems overly stupid, IMHO.

    Knowing that and who the group is, I’d throw this poll in the trash, along with any other 2023 polls.

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