Something Fishy is Going on with Bethany Hall Long

She has cancelled campaign events and fundraisers.

I am told that several, if not her entire, campaign staff have quit.

She called every member of Delaware Senate Democratic Caucus last night to tell them not to be concerned about reports of financial irregularities in past campaign reports.

She released a statement today, as follows:

My thought is this: if you decided to have an internal audit performed to make sure everything was right with your past campaign financial reports, and found some mistakes or issues, then what you do is immediately amend those reports quietly, and if it is noticed, then you release a statement that you had an audit performed in preparation for your gubernatorial run and found some mistakes, so you fixed them.

You don’t release a statement like this until an audit is complete and you have already amended your past reports.

Your campaign officials don’t quit over a nothingburger internal audit of prior campaigns they had nothing to do with.

You don’t stop campaigning and fundraising.

You don’t call every Senator in your caucus.

The only way this all makes sense to me is that she is under some sort of investigation by a state or federal authority into her fundraising. FBI, FEC, IRS, Delaware Attorney General, pick your agency.

Perhaps it is a good idea not to have your husband, who has been in trouble in her past campaigns in stealing opponents’ signs, as your campaign treasurer.

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