The Political Report — August 2, 2023

It’s the day after the indictment of the 45th President of the United States and the day before his arraignment. It’s finally the beginning of accountability for an utterly unqualified and low-character man who treated this country (and all of us) as his grift targets, and tried to use the power of the office to protect that grift and make it normal AND to stay in office to continue the grift. All of the fascist ambitions of this man, his family and friends, his insider supporters were all pointed at destroying our democracy for their gain. The fight isn’t over, though. We need to get through a trial and get through its aftermath. The 45 cultists will stay attached to the lies they are told and who knows what the consequences are.

While the indictment was happening, the Bidens were having dinner and went to see the movie, Oppenheimer:

Madam Vice President makes it very clear to the Debate Me Bro that there is nothing to debate:

Pretty solid representation of the propaganda arm of the 45 cult. Watchers are no where near the reality-based community. Everytime I see this kind of evidence and really outre takes I’m sure that these folk will live long enough for their kids to look at them with pity and disdain.

Greg Sargent provides more detailed analysis of this poll’s data. (Gift article)

“Through Trump’s two impeachments, through our reckoning over the Jan. 6 insurrection, through the investigation and indictment of him over national security secrets, Fox News figures have relentlessly insisted that the real criminals are those who would hold Trump accountable, not Trump himself. With numbing regularity across all Trump scandals, as Media Matters’ Matt Gertz details, Fox has depicted all this as primarily a reflection of the corruption of our political system, and not the alleged criminality of Trump.

McCarthy — or “my Kevin,” as Trump aptly christened him — and other GOP leaders and elected Republicans followed the same tack, adopting the position that all law enforcement or congressional investigative activity involving Trump is inherently illegitimate. So where has that left all of them?”

As they say, go read the whole thing.

Trump PAC Paid Melania’s Stylist Big Money for ‘Strategy Consulting’

“Strategy Consulting”. Wingnut Welfare has absolutely no bounds and where TF is the FEC? Charge for the stylist — if you must — but don’t try to hide it as strategy consulting. We all know that’s not true. The DeSantis campaign transferred $82.5 million last month to his super PAC which has been funding his bus trip in Iowa. Which is a new frontier in “non-coordination” it seems. C’mon, FEC, you got rules, please enforce them.

Charlie Pierce points us to a study that indicates that the COVID anti-vax fever seems to translate into more Republicans dying from COVID than Democrats. Not sure if it is against any rules for the GOP to voter suppress themselves:

“However, in the summer of 2021, after vaccines were available to all adults, the excess death rate among Republican voters began to increase relative to the excess death rate among Democratic voters; in the fall of 2021, the gap widened further. Between March 2020 and December 2021, excess death rates were 2.8 percentage points (15%) higher for Republican voters compared with Democratic voters (95% PI, 1.6-3.7 percentage points). After April 1, 2021, when all adults were eligible for vaccines in Florida and Ohio, this gap widened from −0.9 percentage point (95% PI, −2.5 to 0.3 percentage points) between March 2020 and March 2021, to 7.7 percentage points (95% PI, 6.0-9.3 percentage points) in the adjusted analysis, or a 43% difference.

Conservative political rhetoric and conservative political governance now have a clearly defined body count. They talked so many people into ruining their health, and that was the most benign outcome, because they talked so many people into the grave. A lot of the guilty politicians run around saying they live by Scripture. Fine. Drop by the 23rd chapter of Matthew and see if it reminds you of anyone you know.

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