Trump Indicted for the 3rd Time

First, this is definitely a serious day. Accountability day for a former US President who denied the result of a free and fair election, and used that denial to incite an insurrection meant to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. We can be proud of the fact that the system is working as it should (although I do think that the Special Prosecutor would not have happened without the January 6th Commission) and we should be mad that Donald Trump as utterly unfit for office as he was and is was elected to lead this country.

PBS Newshour has posted the indictment. Prior indictments were eventually as podcasts and I think this one will be too.

The felony charges:

Dan Foomkin via Twitter maps the Co-conspirators listed as follows:

Co-conspirator cheat sheet

  1. Rudy Giuliani
  2. John Eastman
  3. Sidney Powell
  4. Jeffrey Clark
  5. Ken Chesebro
  6. Steve Bannon*


So if they did not decamp on January 20, they would have called out the military on those of us who were in the streets protesting.

According to MSNBC, Trump has been ordered to appear before a DC judge on Thursday.

Details are still being sorted out and you can post what strikes you in the comments. This day has been a long time coming for every single one of us who watched this unfold on January 6. Donald Trump and his family treated this country like one of the shithole countries they were always having on about and now we get to make sure we don’t become one of those countries whose commitment to democracy is mostly performative. This is the biggest political crime since succession. And it is well past time that we all know that.

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