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The Political Report — August 1, 2023

Hey Blue Delaware Fans! I know DD is on a well-deserved vacation this week, so will try to post up an Open political thread every day. Let’s Go!

Biden decides to keep Space Command in Colorado, rejecting move to Alabama

“President Joe Biden has decided to keep U.S. Space Command headquarters in Colorado, overturning a last-ditch decision by the Trump administration to move it to Alabama. The choice ended months of thorny deliberations, but an Alabama lawmaker vowed to fight on.

U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Monday that Biden was convinced by the head of Space Command, Gen. James Dickinson, who argued that moving his headquarters now would jeopardize military readiness. Dickinson’s view, however, was in contrast to Air Force leadership, who studied the issue at length and determined that relocating to Huntsville, Alabama, was the right move.”

And now President Biden gets to go to Colorado Springs and remind them he saved their jobs and industries serving the Space Force.

The DeSantis campaign has reached the “Debate Me Bro!” stage with this nutso letter to Vice President Harris to talk about the erasure of Black History in Florida curriculum standards. This Twitter thread from Judd Legum (this goes to Threadreader app, so you can see it) shows how unqualified William Allen )one of the “experts” recruited by DeSantis’ DoE rewite team) is:
“…In 1989, as chairman of Reagan’s Civil Rights Commission, Allen gave a talk at an anti-gay conference titled “Blacks? Animals? Homosexuals? What is a Minority?

In the speech, Allen said creating legal protections for minority groups “is the beginning of the evil of reducing American blacks to an equality with animals and then seducing other groups to seek the same charitable treatment.” 

4. At the time, the rest of the Commission denounced the speech for being ”disgusting and unnecessarily inflammatory.” When the Commission held a vote to condemn the speech, Allen “was the only member of the commission to vote in behalf of himself.”

On the same topic, the amazing Hannah Jones did a deep dive into the Florida curriculum and did a detailed comparison of the standards developed to teach slavery and the standards developed to teach the Holocaust.

The section on the Holocaust names the perpetrators: Nazis and their collaborators. But Black Americans & the good white people are apparently fighting against some nameless, faceless, race-less group of people in the quest to abolish slavery. Who were these obstacles to liberty??

I mean, we were founded on liberty & justice & white people were on this quest to end slavery, with the Continental Congress that was totally powerless to do so, and some chief justice’s notes in a court case, but we really have no idea why these good white people didn’t win.

With all of these white people trying to so hard to end slavery, including Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, the Continental Congress, who was this alien force that stopped them from until the Civil War? You won’t find that in the standards. No perpetrator is ever named. 

The Holocaust section does not broach Jewish collaborators, but the African American history sections regurgitates right-wing talking points wholesale by blaming a Black man for the beginning of racial slavery in America. I believe they got this section from a meme.”

Of course, Rep. Comer came out of this same meeting lying about the testimony and apparently rep. Jim Jordan couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. Rep. Goldman has called upon Comer to release the transcript of Archer’s testimony so everyone can see the words first hand. I’m taking bets that Comer will find a reason to hide this information.

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Minnesota. 

Another example of Democrats expanding your freedom, right?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz to be sworn in today.
“A swearing-in ceremony will take place in the State Capitol. Protasiewicz was elected to a 10-year term in April, a victory that will swing the state’s highest court to a liberal majority for the first time since 2008.

The significance of that swing was not lost on voters who turned out in record numbers for a springtime election. Many of them were motivated by the prospect of reshaping a court that would have the final say on several high-profile issues, including challenges to the state’s pre-Civil War abortion ban and its Republican-drawn legislative maps.”

This was a big deal election for Wisconsites, ensuring that their Supreme Court is not permanently in extremist hands. Many Blue Delaware readers provided a solid assist here — contributing funds and time in phone banking and postcard writing for GOTV. You get a sense of how gerrymandered Wisconsin is when Democrats can win statewide, but the GOP holds supermajorities in the legislature.

What interests you today?

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

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