Only 6 Democrats stood on principle

Paul Baumbach, Nnamdi Chukwuocha, Sherry Dorsey Walker, Larry Lambert, Sophie Phillips, and Rae Moore. That’s it.

Maybe I will primary my State Representative Krista Griffith, since she decided that corporations are people too and can outvote normal humans by a 31-1 ratio.

Maybe the Senate will kill HB121S, and maybe if they do that, I won’t be done. But right now I feel done. Why cover these fucks when they are just Republicans in brighter clothing?

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14 comments on “Only 6 Democrats stood on principle

  1. John Kowalko

    Let me know if you challenge Griffith

    John Kowalko

  2. juliemcindoe

    I believe that the plan is for the Senate to kill it. Short can say he did a thing. That’s how the bond bill passed.

    • juliemcindoe

      Actually it will never hit the floor in the Senate.

      • Delaware Dem

        Yes, that is what I have been told from several sources in the Senate. I would hope that this was known by the House members before the vote. Still, the House Dems who voted yes have a scarlett letter forever on their head: they voted to let corporations outvote citizens.

        • butrfly

          They were very much aware and had confirmation from the Senate the bill would go nowhere.Now the great thing would be to see Dorsey Walkers bill banning this from happening anywhere in DE get the energy it needs next year.

  3. A vote is a vote is a vote no matter what the intentions. It’s on the record. Why should Short be able to say he did a thing?

  4. cassandram

    You could also think about the Dems that agreed to vote for this as the Democrats willing to take a painful vote so that the vital Bond Bill could get to the Senate. It is one thing to be principled and let projects important to Delawareans die on the vine or get postponed. Far fewer people are hurt with a vote that gets this thing off their plate so they can do the big stuff. Compromise always looks bad close up. The real work now is to be sure the Senate kills this thing and to get the bill making corporate voting illegal in the state passed next session.

    • I don’t like this defeatist attitude, this is the reason that Republicans roll over us EVERY SINGLE TIME. What’s to stop them from holding another must pass bill hostage in 2024 and demanding that the bill passes the Senate?!? Why is it when Republicans are in the majority they wield their power, but Democrats go into a fetal position? Have you guys forgotten that in Texas a few years ago in order for them to pass their awful voting restrictions bill they needed to call for a special session after the Democrats successfully filibustered it. They made it clear they would call for special session after special session until the Democrats showed up and in the end what happened? The Republicans got their way and got the bill passed, that’s how you wield power, the only difference is that the Republicans pass garbage policy and Democrats are suppose to do the opposite.

      • cassandram

        Not sure how you see the Dems as not the winners in this. The Seaford bill is not law, but the Bond Bill is. It may not be important to you, but the investments in school upgrades and in affordable housing in the Bond Bill are worth a trade for a totally undemocratic bill that will never see the light of day. Your purity politics would mean that plenty of projects badly needed by this state would not get done.

        • Bill DM

          Thank you for going back and analyzing the situation and looking at it logically. A lot of people on this site and another are losing their minds and calling for primaries because of a purity test being imposed by a very small handful of ideologues. It’s completely divorced from reality.

          And honestly, if you want to avoid this hostage-taking, you need to pick up seats to get to 3/4 in both chambers. Beat the likes of Ramone, Smith, Hensley, Buckson, etc. and the Dems won’t need Republicans for these votes.

          I mean, you saw several progressives vote for an admittedly bad bill for all the reasons you described above (knowing it wasn’t going anywhere in the Senate). Replacing them isn’t going to change anything — except lead to chaos (which I think is some people’s plan sometimes).

          • cassandram

            Rep. Eric Morrison has a great statement on his vote on HB 121 out today. Strongly recommend it.

      • butrfly

        The Senate has enough members to get anything stopped or pushed threw. Now, let’s get Ramone & Smith out and the House Dems can yield real power.

        • Bill DM

          Not quite. They need 16 to pass 3/4 bills like bond bill and grant in aid. They have 15 Dems. You need 31 in the House (net gain of 5).

  5. The Miz

    Agree with what some of you are saying. If the Republicans have no qualms with the Bond bill, then why should Democrats be required to compromise on their values and principles, regardless of whether it may or may not be “symbolic”. As is almost anything in today’s politics, follow the money, you’re naive if you don’t think that corporation won’t be making a hefty donation to those who just voted to pass it and will almost certainly lobby to get it passed in the Senate.

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