As predicted, the Bond Bill gets taken hostage

House Bill 121S, the Republican bill that would amend the charter of Seaford to allow corporations and LLCs the right to vote in municipal elections, was defeated by a vote of 22-18-1. A two/thirds majority vote was needed for this bill to pass since it is a charter amendment, meaning it needed 27 votes.

The Democrats voting for democracy and against this bill are: Paul Baumbach, William Bush, Nnamdi Chukwuocha, Sherry Dorsey-Walker, Krista Griffith, Kerri Evelyn Harris, Kendra Johnson, Larry Lambert, Valerie Longhurst, Melissa Minor-Brown, Eric Morrison, DeShanna Neal, Sophie Phillips, Cyndie Romer, Rae Moore, Madinah Wilson-Anton

The Democrats voting against democracy, and for this bill, and whom all must be primaried in the next election are: Stephanie Bolden, Bill Carson, Franklin Cooke, Sean Lynn, Sean Matthews, Ed Osienski, Stell Parker Selby, and Pete Schwartzkopf.

The Democrat who did not vote for reasons passing understanding: Debra Heffernan.

Some supposed Democrats make the argument that we always must rubberstamp these charter amendments to respect local traditions and how towns want to govern themselves. A municipal version of state’s rights, if you will. And that is complete and total bullshit. If Seaford came back tomorrow with a charter amendment legalizing slavery, you mean to tell me you would vote for that? Really? No. How about if Seaford wanted to deny the vote to African American residents? Please.

So as I, and many predicted, the Republicans took the Bond Bill hostage. That bill requires a three/fourths majority to pass, or 31 votes. So when that bill came up for a vote, all the Republicans went not voting, meaning the bill failed by a vote of 25-1-15-1, with Valerie Longhurst voting no for procedural reasons so she can bring the bill back for another attempt tomorrow. Sean Lynn was inexplicably absent for this vote, probably in shock on how he voted on HB 121S. I know, I was shocked too. He has been a big disappointment this year, what with his many bills to impose a geographic mandate on every court in the state.

After the vote on the Bond Bill, the Republicans up and left the chamber, and have been absent ever since, allowing smooth passage of a number of other bills, conveniently.

So here is where we stand: Under no circumstance can there be any arm twisting or negotiation. HB 121S, the Let the Corporations Vote Bill, must never pass any chamber of this General Assembly. Any Democrat who votes for it is in their final term in office. If that means that the Bond Bill dies, so be it. The Republicans will be responsible.

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13 comments on “As predicted, the Bond Bill gets taken hostage

  1. Exactly. Let it die.

  2. cassandram

    “Some supposed Democrats make the argument that we always must rubberstamp these charter amendments to respect local traditions and how towns want to govern themselves.”

    There’s a reason why the General Assembly still has the power to approve/disapprove Charter changes. And that reason is NOT to rubberstamp. Seriously, though, if the GA no longer wants this responsibility it should get legislation passed that devolves this power back to municipalities.

    • Scott Mackenzie

      Delaware does have a “home rule” law that allows towns to change their own charters through special elections. Don’t know if Seaford has “home rule.”

  3. cassandram

    Really hoping that there is someone making an inventory of Bond Bill projects that will NOT be happening in each of these Rep’s Districts if the Bond Bill is not passed. And if you have one you want published with no fingerprints, y’all know where to find me.

  4. cassandram

    Am reminded by a friend that this is an old school Speaker Pete move. Hold a money bill to give R’s leverage. This is what we saw on the minimum wage bill, too.

    • The fact people believe that it’s Pete telling the Republicans to hold a money bill just shows how repeating paranoid delusions over and over can be successful.

      • John Kowalko

        Yeah, like the delusion you harbor that you have a brain
        John Kowalko

        • Wow. I feel bad for someone who has to insult random people online to make themselves feel good. Not even worth hurling insults. Please have a good and happy day.

          • John Kowalko

            Hey “pot” let’s talk “paranoid delusions” to the kettle. Have a “good day” looking in that mirror.

  5. Wow, I’m surprised that Ed Osienski wanted to allow corporations to vote in elections. Always took him as a strong progressive that fought for progressive values. Maybe it’s because of how long it took to legalize marijuana, which is what allowed him to masquerade as something he never was.

  6. Histrionic Anyone?

    Dude. The senate is killing the bill. You’re mad about something and some people for a bill that will never become law.

    The Rs insisted on the passage of this bill to pass the Bond Bill IN THE HOUSE.

    The house arranged for the bill to be slain in the senate.

    Settle down.

    • John Kowalko

      A vote against Democracy is a “VOTE AGAINST DEMOCRACY” If you choose to let a minority handful of a**holes tilt the boat then you deserve to get wet.
      John Kowalko

    • cassandram

      When this post was written, the arrangement to kill it wasn’t yet made or public. It’s never wrong to shine a light on efforts to potentially undermine democracy. It’s great the Senate did not take it up, but there sure should be some residual reminder of how unpopular this is when they try to bring it back again.

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