Sarah McBride announces run for Congress [Updated]

At least according to the News Journal. I have not seen any official announcement via email, text, or social media and Sarah and/or her campaign is usually very good at that.

Update: Well now it is official, as the campaign has sent out the release, which is below. McBride announces a crap ton of endorsements, including Attorney General Kathy Jennings and Auditor Lydia York, along with 21 members of the General Assembly, which includes almost all of the Democratic Senate Caucus.

And the national media has taken notice: Politico and the New York Times.

Here is the campaign announcement video, so I guess it has to be official:

From the News Journal article:

State Sen. Sarah McBride, the country’s highest-ranking transgender elected official, announced her candidacy Monday to become Delaware’s next sole congresswoman. McBride, if elected, would become the first trans person elected to federal office, catapulting the already nationally known politician to an even bigger stage. She would also be the youngest elected official Delaware has sent to Washington since President Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate win in 1972. 

“It’s clear that diversity in government is necessary for us to not just ensure we have a healthy democracy but also to truly deliver for people,” she said in an interview with Delaware Online/The News Journal.

“I am certainly cognizant of the uniqueness of my candidacy, of the uniqueness that my voice would bring to the halls of Congress,” she said. “But ultimately, I’m not running to be a trans member of Congress. 

“I’m running to be Delaware’s member of Congress who’s focused on making progress on all of the issues that matter to Delawareans of every background.”

Eugene Young has already announced his candidacy tentitively, contingent on Lisa Blunt Rochester announcing a run for the Senate, which she has done. Colleen Davis has also expressed interest:

I read the announcement of the crapton of endorsements below as giving Treasurer Davis something to think about over these next few weeks. Perhaps a run for Lt. Governor instead?

Here is the full press release from the McBride campaign:

Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride, a proven changemaker who has built bridges to deliver for Delawareans, today announced that she is running for Congress to succeed Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester as the state’s at-large member in the House of Representatives. In a video released this morning announcing her candidacy, McBride vows to fight for Delaware families and build on her successful track record of passing critical policies, such as the landmark Healthy Delaware Families Act, and improving the lives of her constituents. McBride would be the first openly trans person to serve in Congress.

“I’m running for Congress to be the voice that Delaware needs to make government work better for all families, especially when hard times hit,” said Senator McBride. “I’ve spent my life advocating for my neighbors and delivering real results, from landmark policies to historic investments to protect our families. As a caregiver for my late husband, Andy, I experienced some of the struggles that too many families face when their loved one is seriously ill. That’s why I led our state in passing the Healthy Delaware Families Act to provide paid medical and family leave to workers up and down our state.

“This campaign isn’t just about making history – it’s about moving forward. To strengthen our democracy, we need effective leaders who believe in taking bold action and building bridges for lasting progress. In Congress, I’ll support a strong agenda that invests in workers and families, addresses gun violence, protects access to abortion and tackles climate change.”

“Everyone deserves a member of Congress who sees them and respects them. During a time when too many politicians want to divide us, I promise to be a leader that blocks out the noise and focuses on what really matters. I look forward to earning the votes of Delawareans across our great state and continuing to prove that small states can do big things.”

McBride also announced an extensive first round of endorsers including more than twenty Delaware elected officials, community organizers, labor leaders and community and national advocacy organizations.

“I’ve been inspired by Sarah’s leadership for years,” said Attorney General Kathy Jennings. “She has been a fearless partner in our work reducing gun violence by 50% and helped to lead the charge on some of the most significant gun safety legislation our state has passed in years. She’s been a champion for public safety, smart justice, and anti-corruption reforms. And she has proven that when she starts a job, she gets it done. Sarah is a once-in-a-lifetime talent — and with big shoes left to fill in Congress, it’s clear that Delaware needs her talent and intellect in Washington.”

“Sarah McBride has been a steadfast and effective champion for workers and their families in the Delaware State Senate,” said Nelson Hill with UFCW Local 27, Delaware’s largest private sector union. “Working people across Delaware need a member of Congress who has a record of taking on big challenges and delivering for them — and Sarah is exactly that leader. We are excited to join working families across the state to make Sarah McBride Delaware’s next member of Congress.”

“I am proud to endorse Sarah McBride to succeed our Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sarah rolls up her sleeves every day to work on some of the toughest challenges facing our state,” said State Auditor Lydia York. “Beyond her work passing Delaware’s paid leave law and improving our state’s health care policies, Sarah also fought to increase government transparency by introducing bills to address abuse of power and obstruction of justice. I look forward to supporting her candidacy for Congress.”

“Senator McBride has been an asset to our caucus even long before her election in 2020. Sarah was no stranger to Legislative Hall when she first ran for office, as she had visited on several occasions lobbying my colleagues to support marriage equality and non-discrimination laws throughout the 2010s,” said Senate President Pro Tempore David P. Sokola. “Today, she is a valuable member of the Senate Majority Caucus who is not afraid to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our state. As a freshman legislator, she passed the largest expansion of Delaware’s social safety net in decades by providing workers with up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. When she rises to speak on the Senate floor, she commands the room and has the ability to change people’s minds. She leads with empathy and conviction — two qualities that will serve her well in the halls of Congress.”

Members of the state legislature endorsing Senator McBride include: Senate President Pro Tempore David P. Sokola, Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman; Rep. Nnamdi Chukwuocha; Rep. Kendra Johnson; Rep. Debra Heffernan; Rep. Krista Griffith; Rep. DeShanna Neal; Rep. Sophie Phillips; Rep. Kim Williams; Rep. Paul Baumbach; Rep. Ed Osienski; Rep. Cyndie Romer; Senator Laura Sturgeon; Senator Russ Huxtable; Senator Kyra Hoffner; Senator Spiros Mantzavinos; Senator Jack Walsh; Senator Kyle Evans Gay; Senator Stephanie Hansen; and Senator Nicole Poore.

Community leaders and organizers endorsing Senator McBride include: Matt Denn; Claire Simmers, Thea Lopez; John Starke; Mitch Crane; Norman Griffiths; Tracey Miller; Paulette Rappa; Jeff Balk; Joe Sakaduski; Elyse Reznick; Kathy Hughes; Harry Gold; Mara Gorman; Traci Manza Murphy; Adriana Bohm; Cynthia Gooch Copley; Nick Beard; Lucy Comstock Gay; Kat Caudle; Fay Jacobs; Peter Schott; Ron Olivieri; Dave Woodside; Dawn Alexander; Jack Buccionni; Shaku BhayaKori Beaman; Jose Matthews; Drew Fennell; Kemal Erkan; Louisa Phillips; and Erik Raser-Schramm.

Local and national organizations that will announce endorsements of Senator McBride include:

End Citizens United / Let America Vote

Equality PAC

Human Rights Campaign


Victory Fund

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