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HB 212 – Prohibiting Manufactured Housing Rent Increases

House Bill 212, which has been introduced by Representative and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, would prohibit manufactured home community owners from drastically increasing rent each year by prohibiting a community owner from increasing rent if the rent was increased by 5 percent or more the previous year or rental period.

This bill does not prohibit a community owner from increasing rent to market rent in phases as called for in current law, even if doing so would otherwise violate the prohibition on increasing rent after a 5 percent or more increase. That seems like a large loophole, as the market can be manipulated by the community owners.

Penalites for violating this act will be rent reduction and repayment of excess rent to the renter.

I don’t understand why more Republicans are sponsors on bills like this. Many of their voters live in these communities, but Republicans are still sympathetic to the landlord.

House Bill 212PROHIBITING MANUFACTURED HOUSING RENT INCREASESCurrrent Status – House Housing 6/8/23
House SponsorsLonghurst, Carson, Heffernan, Schwartzkopf, Williams, Wilson-AntonSenate SponsorsPinkney, Hoffner, Poore
House Yes VotesSenate Yes Votes
House No VotesSenate No Votes
House Absents or Not VotingSenate Absent or Not Voting

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