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SB 148 – The Topical Medical Waste Reduction Act

Senate Bill 148 allows a medical practitioner with the authority to prescribe medication to give the unused portion of topical medication used during treatment to a patient upon discharge or the conclusion of the visit.

This bill is based on legislation that has been adopted in Illinois and suggested by the American Academy of Ophthalmology to combat medical waste. During a procedure, practitioners may use only a few drops or small amount of medication from a container. Because regulations governing the ability to dispense the remaining portion of stock-item medications can be unclear or appear overly burdensome, many facilities do not allow the practitioner to dispense that container to the patient to take home with them.

Instead, the practitioner must write a prescription for the patient and the medication that remains in the container is discarded. By allowing patients to take home provider-dispensed medication, this Act reduces waste and health-care costs and by eliminating the extra burden of going to the pharmacy to fill a prescription, this Act will better ensure medication compliance.

SENATE BILL 148 TOPICAL MEDICAL WASTE REDUCTION ACTCurrrent Status – Senate Health & Social Services 6/1/23
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