The Political Report – May 31, 2023

A new Monmouth poll finds a majority of Republican voters feel Donald Trump would be their strongest nominee in the 2024 election.

“Nearly half (45%) of Republican voters – including those who lean toward the GOP – say Trump is definitely the strongest candidate to beat President Joe Biden in 2024, and another 18% think he is probably the strongest candidate. Just one-third of GOP voters say another Republican would definitely (13%) or probably (19%) be a stronger candidate than Trump.”

A new East Carolina University poll finds West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) trouncing Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) in a U.S. Senate race, 54% to 32%.

“Ron DeSantis plans to kick off his presidential campaign in Iowa on Tuesday, the start of a busy week that will take him to 12 cities in three states as he tests his pitch as the most formidable Republican challenger to former President Donald Trump,” the AP reports.

“The Florida governor’s two-day trip to the leadoff caucus state — starting at a suburban Des Moines megachurch and ending at a Cedar Rapids racetrack — comes after a stumbling online announcement last week that formalized his long-anticipated entry into the growing Republican field. It will be followed by stops in early primary states New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

Washington Post: Trump campaign braces for Iowa battle as DeSantis team sees an opening.

“Allies of former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey have formed a super PAC to support him in the nascent Republican primary, as he makes preparations for a likely campaign kickoff in the next two weeks,“ the New York Times reports.

“Mr. Christie’s candidacy is likely to to focus in part on drawing a stark contrast with former President Donald Trump. Mr. Christie supported Mr. Trump in 2016 and worked with him during his presidency, but they split over Mr. Trump’s claims on election night in 2020 that the race was stolen from him.”

Key takeaway: “He will be coming into the 2024 race as the person with the most coherent case against Mr. Trump while arguing that the fight needs to be taken directly to the former president.”

Politico: “Republicans here are acknowledging that the state has now shifted leftward, and abortion has a lot to do with that. The end of Roe v. Wade last year effectively reinstated Wisconsin’s 19th-century abortion ban, which is already being challenged — and those challenges will likely be decided by the state Supreme Court.”

Politico: “Democrats feel that allows them to continue the strategy that worked in last year’s midterms — painting nearly any GOP contender as out of step with most Americans.”

“While not all Republicans can be directly tied to some of Trump’s record, or his role in inspiring the Jan. 6 riot, Biden aides still believe they can be lashed to the former president. DNC staffers have begun branding all Republican hopefuls as enablers of MAGA policies, making their support of Trump a throughline.”

Wall Street Journal: “Wall Street likes Biden’s steady hand and cabinet picks like Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, but his aggressive stance on antitrust enforcement has turned off potential backers whose profits depend on a healthy supply of corporate deals.”

“And while another Trump term could deliver the traditional Republican goodies of lower taxes and less regulation, financiers are worried that the former president’s unpredictability could wreak havoc on global markets.”

Said one banker: “Everybody is hoping for a miracle. Nobody wants Biden, and nobody wants Trump.”

Politico: “Democrats have a chance to send more Black women to the Senate in 2024 than have ever served in the chamber in its 234-year history. Those hoping to break that particular glass ceiling have a message for the party: Don’t blow it.”

“Retirements by Senate incumbents in Maryland, Delaware and California created a rare trifecta of open seats in blue states. Even more unusual is the fact that a Black woman is a top contender in each field.”

CNN: Newsom’s vow to appoint a Black woman to the Senate looms large amid Feinstein health concerns.

Politico: “Joni Ernst sees WMDs as the secret to expanding the Republican Party’s appeal. No, she doesn’t mean that kind of weapon: ‘Women. Millennials. And Dudes with beards and tattoos. WMDs,’ the Iowa senator explained in an interview.”

“The acronym is ubiquitous in her office, a reminder of the work that lies ahead for the party to make inroads with those constituencies in 2024. And Ernst is stepping into a central role as her state becomes ground zero for a fight to define the GOP’s future — a multi-candidate effort to topple former President Donald Trump from his primary frontrunner spot.”

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) “had made serious preparations to run for Senate, with his team arranging a campaign staff and word leaking out in Ohio Republican circles for weeks about potential announcement dates,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

“But Davidson informed supporters on Tuesday that he instead will run for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Donald Trump promised if elected he would sign an executive order on day one of his second term in office effectively ending birthright citizenship.

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