Are the 2024 Senate and House Primaries Already Over?

The conventional wisdom has cemented the notion that Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester will run for the Senate to succeed retiring Senator Tom Carper, thus clearly the field of any significant primary challengers, and it also seems very likely that State Senator Sarah McBride will run for Congress to succeed LBR. McBride has a strong enough statewide brand herself in the Democratic Party that she likely can clear the field of any competitive challengers herself.

So, we are already done here?

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2 comments on “Are the 2024 Senate and House Primaries Already Over?

  1. There are quite a few ambitious Dems still out there – Matt Meyer, Kathy Jennings, Bethany Hall-Long, perhaps even Matt Denn. I think Meyer and Hall-Long stay in the governor’s race and Jennings stays as AG.

  2. I’m betting Gov is already over too.
    If Meyer is BHL’s only real competition, he’ll fall apart as soon as anyone actually meets him.
    Shit, I “liked him” just because he wasn’t Tom Gordon. ….. but I can’t recall ever meeting someone who oozed so much slime, with the possible exception of Chris Coons.

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