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HB 136 – Nursing Preceptor Tax Credit

Delaware has been enduring a Nursing shortage for some time, and most healthcare providers in Delaware agree that the shortage is unsustainable, and it is leading to errors and higher morbidity and mortality. In other words, people are dying because we don’t have enought nurses.

One of the factors causing the shortage, aside from the general horror of the Pandemic Years, is the lack of nursing school faculty who act as preceptors that train nursing students with clinical experiences. If we are lacking preceptors, then nursing students have difficulty completing the required coursework necessary for degree and licensure.

In order to attract more preceptors, House Bill 136 provides a nonrefundable tax credit of up to $1,000 and up to $5,000 for individual qualifying preceptors and clinical preceptors. Good idea. We can also pay our nurses and preceptors more. An idea for the next session.

HOUSE BILL 136 NURSING PRECEPTORS TAX CREDITCurrrent Status – House Revenue & Finance 5/2/23
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