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Ka​yode Abegunde to run for Insurance Commissioner

Kayode Abegunde is running for the Insurance Commissioner position in 2024. He ran in the primary in 2020 and lost to the incumbent Trinidad Navarro. We don’t yet know if Navarro will run for reelection in 2024 or will seek higher office, like Lt. Governor. Here is Mr. Abegunde’s statement announcing his candidacy:

I would like to publicly declare my candidacy for the office of Delaware State Insurance Commissioner in the year 2024 elections. […]

Why Am I running

1. Equity- Advocating for Delawareans to discourage redlining

2. Affordability- Able to work with the insurance companies to bring affordable premiums to the Delawareans

3. Accessibility- Bringing more insurance products to our people in Delaware and breaking the monopoly

4. Regulations- Using effective regulations to leverage the market and reduce insurance costs and premiums

5. Options- Providing more options to the veterans to assist their economic status

Our first campaign kick-off & fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday May 27th, 3pm to 6pm in New Castle.  See the event on Deldems website.  See our campaign website below[.]

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  1. In God we trust! It’s all about SERVICE.

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