Rise Delaware Rally Scheduled for May 9

RISE Delaware is hosting a rally on May 9, 2023, on the Green at Legislative Hall in Dover from 1PM to 2:30PM to “demand that the State keep the promises it has made to State retirees and protest the flood of lies coming from Governor Carney and his administration.”

From the Release announcing the Rally: “The governor and his administration have failed their retirees. They continue to perpetuate falsehoods about their preferred plan and any solution in spite of ample evidence to the contrary.

Retirees will meet across from Legislative Hall to call them out AND to call on legislators to do their jobs and overrule an administration standing in the way of justice.”

“Original Medicare plus the Medicfill plan for State retirees is a right they have earned and paid for and this Administration’s persistent attempts to privatize Medicare will not be tolerated nor accepted,” said former Representative John Kowalko.

“Retirees have educated themselves and their state legislators over the past eight months and are well aware of the need to hold administration members accountable for their many inaccuracies.” Lisa Diller, RISE Co-founder, stated. “RISE is fortunate to have the benefit of many volunteers who are excellent
researchers who are committed to presenting the facts as they see them, not as the administration spins them.”

“State employees are promised healthcare benefits when they are hired. Current employees are offered options through their work life. Retirees depend on one coverage—Medicare and the state supplement, Medicfill,” said Connie Merlet, RISE Delaware Board member. “Medicare Advantage is NOT Medicare. It is not just privatized healthcare; it is a poor substitute for Medicare. No one of ANY AGE
should be satisfied that private insurance will ever be a solution to Medicare benefits.”

“Retirees are tired of being lied to and presented false facts and data. Retirees should not be expected to remain silent in the face of this barrage of falsehoods and blatant lies,” said Rep. Kowalko, who is also a RISE Co-founder. “The current administration’s thinly veiled attempts to present unsubstantiated data and
contrived statistics as a negotiation will not be met with silence.”

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  1. cassandram

    May 9 is Election Day for School Boards here. If you are going to this rally — PLEASE be sure to go vote for any non GOP school board candidate FIRST.

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