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HB 78 – Combatting Catalytic Converter Theft

Thefts of catalytic converters from underneath cars in Delaware continue to be a problem, so House Bill 78 has been introduced to further prevent this crime.

The bill updates the definition of a catalytic converter and limits the purchase or sale of a catalytic converter to a licensed automotive recycler or licensed scrap metal processor, and their respective employees and agents.

The bill further does the following:

  • prohibits minors from selling catalytic converters;
  • specifies the amount of time the catalytic converter must be held before sale as well as what contact information must be obtained from the purchaser and seller as well as identification information on the catalytic converter and requires the information be maintained for 1 year;
  • places a 48 hour hold on payments and limits payment form to checks and limits the time of day and location for the sale of a catalytic converter;
  • requires the licensed sellers to make the purchasers’ and sellers’ contact information available to the police;
  • makes a catalytic converter, in violation of this chapter, considered contraband and, possession thereof, subject to seizure and forfeiture.

The bill has already been released from the House Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee and is on the House Ready List, so may get a vote on the floor next week.

House Bill 78 – Combatting Catalytic Converter TheftCurrrent Status – Out of Committee 3/28/23
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