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HB 77 – Legislator Residency Constitutional Amendment

House Bill 77 is the second leg of a Constitutional Amendment requiring legislators to remain domiciled in their respective Districts for the entirety of their term, instead of doing what a former Senator did, which was live primarily at his home downstate while representing a district in New Castle County.

The first leg of this constitutional amendment, House Bill 395, was passed last year unanimously.

This Amendment does not apply to sitting legislators who desire to change their residence within the newly established district lines after redistricting following the census in order to continue to represent their district in the upcoming election.

The Amendment requires a two-thirds majority vote of both chambers of the General Assembly for it to officially become part of the Constitution. It will be considered in the House Administration Committee tomorrow.

House Bill 77– Legislator Residency Constitutional AmendmentCurrrent Status – House Administration 3/7/23
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