SB57 – Faithful Presidential Electors Act

In Chiafalo v. Washington, 140 S.Ct. 2316 (2020), the United States Supreme Court made clear that states have the authority to remove or punish presidential electors who do not adhere to their obligation to vote faithfully for their parties’ candidates.

In order to provide Delawareans with confidence that the votes they have cast will be honored when the Electoral College meets to decide the outcome of presidential elections by providing for the orderly operation of Delaware’s Electoral College voting process, Senate Bill 57 adopts the Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act.

Faithless presidential electors are electors who vote contrary to the popular vote that put them into that office. The Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act requires pledges of faithfulness of all elector candidates. Then, if an elector decides to be unfaithful and vote for an evil fascist who did not win the state’s popular vote, the act immediatly deems that elector as having resigned and replaces that faithless elector with a replacement who has also taken the pledge.

Senate Bill 57 – Faithful Presidential Electors ActCurrrent Status – Senate Elections & Government Affairs 3/1/23
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