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HB63 – Increasing Pensioner’s Income Reduction Limit

House Bill 63, a bipartisan bill, seems like a self dealing bill to me. Right now, state pensioners (people who have worked for the state and then retired and started collecting their pension) are allowed to earn additional income up to $40,000 without losing any amount of their pension income. Over $40,000, the pensioner will have his or her pension reduced $1 for every $2 of new income (a 50% reduction).

This bill will increase that $40,000 threshold to $50,000. I say this sounds like a self dealing bill because it seems like the raise is narrowly tailored to account for pensioners, perhaps former legislators, that have been or are set to be hired by a state department or agency. But to be fair, it could account for wage growth amid the recent inflation increase.

The House passed the bill yesterday 40-0-1.

House Bill 63INCREASING PENSIONER’S INCOME REDUCTION LIMITCurrrent Status – House Passed 40-0-1.
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