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HB60 – Insurance Coverage for Breast Examinations

Here is another bill expanding insurance coverage of a procedure that is so should be a common place preventative examination that all insurance companies cover since it could prevent extremely higher medical costs down the line. It is amazing that it takes legislation to get these insurance companies to get their act together.

House Bill 60 requires that all insurance policies issued or renewed in Delaware include coverage of supplemental and diagnostic breast examinations on terms that are at least as favorable as the coverage of annual screening mammograms. The Act covers all group, blanket, and individual health insurance policies as well as the State employee healthcare plan and Medicaid.

House Bill 60 – Insurance Coverage for Breast ExaminationsCurrrent Status – House Economic Everything 1/19/23
House SponsorsRomer, Longhurst, Minor-Brown, Baubach, Bolden, Bush, Carson ,Griffith, Heffernan, Johnson, Morrison, Osienski, WilliamsSenate SponsorsPoore, Gay, Hansen, Huxtable, PInkney, Townsend // Wilson
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