Lydia York is now the Endorsed Democratic Candidate in the Auditor’s Race

I am told that the State Executive Committee, the only organization with the power to endorse on behalf of the Delaware Democratic Party, has backed Lydia York for the Officer of Auditor in the state primary election in September.

I am told that there were zero “no”votes, although 2 people abstained from the vote. Those two people would have abstained no matter the candidate.

So now Lydia York is the Democratic candidate for the office and the convicted criminal Kathy McGuiness is the Criminal Party’s candidate. Speaker Schwartzkopf and all silent House Democrats can join her in that party.

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4 comments on “Lydia York is now the Endorsed Democratic Candidate in the Auditor’s Race

  1. Kayode Abegunde

    Let’s go get the job done!

  2. Still a long uphill battle. No name ID and she comes off a little robotic and condescending at times.I will still vote for her but a risky move by the dems. Imagine how they look if mcguiness wins

    • cassandram

      Nothing is a given, especially in politics. I’d say she has a solid start in name recognition in NCCo given her Party roles there. Certainly the Dems ae solidifying to support her candidacy because we need a candidate who will take this job seriously and who is free of the current Auditor’s track record of breaking the public trust. At the end of the day, it is up to voters to say if they want to keep the current corrupt Auditor and that will say more about voters than “the Dems”. But it was important to not ignore a convicted incumbent and clearly support a candidate who will govern with our values.

  3. Maynard Gregory

    I find Ms. York to be a highly competent and articulate candidate who will bring back
    integrity to the Auditor s office.

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