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Vote Tracker Update – 6/23/22

Just four more legislative days! The House did not vote on much but two resolutions. Otherwise, it was committee day in the lower chamber. The Senate passed several bills, five of which interested us.

  • The Senate passed House Bill 25S, providing for Same Day Voter Registration. It now goes to the Governor.
  • The Senate passed Senate Bill 301S, which provides for an Organ Donor Tax Credit. It now goes to the House.
  • The Senate passed Senate 316, which caps the cost of diabetes equipment at $35 a month. It now goes to the House.
  • The Senate passed House Bill 311, a bill that will seek to clarify the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law to make sure individuals with disabilities are not turned away from having discrimination cases heard. It now goes to the Governor.
  • The Senate passed a Republican Constitutional Amendment intended to make them look not completely anti-voting or pro-evil. Senate Bill 294 would lower the age in the Delaware Constitution for voting from 21 to 18, even though the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution already superseded that Delaware provision. It passed unanimously. The bill now has to be passed again next session of the General Assembly.

On this chart above, we do not list all legislation filed by our members of the General Assembly. We do not care about license plates. Resolutions honoring or approving of something generally do not make this chart. What we do follow are bills of a progressive or liberal interest from a policy perspective, or conversely, bills that the fascist Republican Party wants to advance to take away your rights.

A link to the specific legislation is provided if you move your mouse over the Bill Number.   A link to the Blue Delaware post that covers the bill is provided on the far left.  In the second column on the right, we will provide the bill’s current status and whether or not it has passed a chamber of the General Assembly. 

The chart is divided into several groups:

  1. Passed One House – These are the bills that are likely to see action in the last two weeks.
  2. Out of Committee – Some of these bills might get passed through the House and Senate over the last two weeks if they get on consent lists.
  3. Still in Committee – Time is running out for these bills. Most of these will not pass.
  4. Passed Bills – self explanatory.
  5. Defeated Bills – same.

Updated: June 23, 2022

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