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Vote Tracker Update – June 22, 2022

It is our last two weeks of the General Assembly. Actually, just five more legislative days by my count. 

The Senate passed the Budget Bills yesterday, which are not on the chart below but I wrote about them here.

  • The Senate passed House Bill 205, the DE Earns Retirement Program, 20-0-1. It now goes to the Governor.
  • The Senate passed House Bill 234 expanding mediciad to cover a year postpartum services for women. It now goes to the Governor.
  • The Senate passed House Bill 304, which will establish universal reading screening in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. It now goes to the Governor.
  • The Senate passed another part of the Momnibus Package, House Bill 342, which provides for the treatment and care of pregnant and post partum prisoners. It now goes to the Governor.
  • House Bill 359 passed the Senate. It provides for the protection of witnesses and victims in human trafficking cases. It now heads to the Governor.
  • The House amended Senate Bill 26 and then passed it, sending it back to the Senate. The bill provides for livestreaming trustee board meetings for the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and the Delaware Technical Community College.
  • The House passed Senate Bill 188S, which excludes military pensions from taxation. The bill now goes to the Governor.

On this chart above, we do not list all legislation filed by our members of the General Assembly. We do not care about license plates. Resolutions honoring or approving of something generally do not make this chart. What we do follow are bills of a progressive or liberal interest from a policy perspective, or conversely, bills that the fascist Republican Party wants to advance to take away your rights.

A link to the specific legislation is provided if you move your mouse over the Bill Number.   A link to the Blue Delaware post that covers the bill is provided on the far left.  In the second column on the right, we will provide the bill’s current status and whether or not it has passed a chamber of the General Assembly. 

The chart is divided into several groups:

  1. Passed One House – These are the bills that are likely to see action in the last two weeks.
  2. Out of Committee – Some of these bills might get passed through the House and Senate over the last two weeks if they get on consent lists.
  3. Still in Committee – Time is running out for these bills. Most of these will not pass.
  4. Passed Bills – self explanatory.
  5. Defeated Bills – same.

Updated: June 22, 2022

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