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HB 414 – Adding Interference with Financial Accounts to PFA Orders

House Bill 414 is another bill recently introduced that will likely not get a hearing or vote in this session. But it’s a good bill and should be reintroduced and passed in January 2023.

This bill adds coercive conduct which restricts, controls, or interferes with an individual’s finances or financial resources including their bank accounts, credit cards, employment, education, and personal identity to the definition of “abuse” under Protection from Abuse Proceedings. So if a wife or girlfriend files for a PFA order, this order will prohibit the husband or boyfiend (or vice versa, i.e. prevent the wife or girlfiend if they are the alleged abuser) from closing down, emptying, or suspending the victim’s access to their accounts.

House Bill 414 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Morrison, Griffith, Baumbach, Heffernan, Kowalko, Minor-Brown, Wilson-Anton, M.Smith
Sturgeon, McBride, Sokola, Townsend
Current Status: House Judiciary 5/10/22

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