Longhurst goes all Mean Girl

So State Representative and House Majority Leader Valerie “ValPAL” Longhurst decided to bitchslap Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

This little comment has a lot behind it.

First, the “make this stick” part reveals that Longhurst is mad at the AG for prosecuting her friend, the Republican indicted auditor.

Second, Longhurst has personally bottled up several gun bills, including Senate Bill 3, in committee, so it is rich that she dares criticizes anyone else on fighting gun violence.

Third, Longhurst is employing the bullshit NRA talking point that the AG doesn’t prosecute gun crimes. They do. A lot.

Fourth, Debra Heffernan, who is in a primary fight, liked this post. That is a mistake. [Update: I have been informed that Representative Heffernan did not intend to “like” the post and has removed the “like” on Facebook.]

Fifth, she hashtags the 400 at the end, which is in reference to the 400 days since she decided to put Senate Bill 3 in committee and not give the House a chance to vote on gun safety legislation, thus doing the NRA’s bidding. And it is 407 days now.

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3 comments on “Longhurst goes all Mean Girl

  1. cassandram

    This is also of a piece with local PD excuses for why there’s so many shootings. They claim to be catching lots of bad guys that the AG does not prosecute. I’ve personally heard this from 3 Police Chiefs. Rep. Longhurst repeating what the police tell her should not be a surprise. Rep. Longhurst not giving a damn about the safety of Delawareans should be a surprise. Claiming some victory for bottling up SB3 is remarkably not pointed at the thousands of Delaware parents who are agonizing over the safety of their own kids after watching the aftermath of Uvalde. If it does, let’s make damn sure that the world knows that she owns holding up this proven safety measure.

  2. Critic of Dumbasses

    Plus Terrell Williams (supposed-D), running for 9th Rep District liked it. Jeezus.

  3. And Matthew Powell liked it, too. He ran in the 3-way primary in the 8th RD two years ago that Rae Moore won. I’ve regularly seen him “Like” shitty First State Update post and other wingnutty posts on Facebook. He was Quinn Johnson’s hand-picked successor, so we dodged a bullet in not getting him in that seat.

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