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More Healthcare Bills

Our fine legislators have been very busy filing new bills over the last month and I have fallen woefully behind in profiling them, so I am combining them by subject matter in order to catch up. The subjects are Crime, Environment, Marijuana, Elections, Republican Culture Wars, Education, Taxes, Labor, Economy, Insurance, Healthcare and Good Government. Yes, they have been busy.

Eighth up, Healthcare.

House Bill 248 is primarily a Republican sponsored bill that would require the State to reimburse healthcare expenses incurred by eligible pensioner spouses on Medicare who are required to enroll in their former employer’s healthcare coverage and their former employer’s coverage pays less than the State’s coverage would pay.

This creates fair and equal benefit coverage for all spouses of eligible pensioner’s whether they have former employer coverage or not.

This seems to be a particulary narrow bill that might apply to tens of people. But are Republicans sure they want to sponsor a bill that will provide more socialism, er ah, medical benefits to people?

House Bill 248 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Hensely, Gray, Ramone, M.Smith
Lopez, Pettyjohn, Wilson, Ennis
Current Status: House Administration 6/15/21

Senate Bill 255 would enable kids that are in foster care to access psychiatric treatment voluntarily when their parent or legal guardian is not available to consent to the treatment on their behalf. It has already passed the Senate 21-0.

Currently, a kid living in foster car may experience a delay in gaining voluntary admission to a facility due to the Division of Family Services needing to obtain parental consent. This can lead to a youth waiting in an emergency department bed or other inappropriate setting while waiting for the proper consent to be signed.

In some cases, when a youth’s parent or legal guardian cannot be located, the youth must be involuntarily committed in order to obtain residential treatment, even when the youth is going willingly.

This bill allows the Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families, Division of Family Services Director or Deputy Director to sign the request for voluntary admission to a psychiatric treatment facility for a youth in foster care.

In the case of a youth in foster care whose parent or guardian’s legal parental rights have not been terminated, the Division of Family Services works collaboratively with the youth’s parent to get consent on medical treatment and decisions.

Senate Bill 255 Sponsors Yes VotesNo Votes
Pinkney, Gay, Hansen, Sokola, Townsend Passed Senate 21-0. Brown Ennis Gay Hansen Lockman Mantzavinos Paradee Pinkney Poore S.McBride Sokola Sturgeon Townsend Walsh Bonini Hocker Lawson Lopez Pettyjohn Richardson WilsonNone
Minor-Brown, Baumbach, Griffith, Morrison, Briggs King
Current Status: Sent to the House

House Bill 334 permits health-care providers who are licensed in a state other than Delaware to deliver health-care services by telehealth and telemedicine only if a health-care provider-patient relationship has been established under Delaware law.

House Bill 334 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Bentz, Schwartzkopfy, Heffernan, K.Johnson, Baumbach, Griffith, Mitchell, Morrison, Osienski, K.Williams, Wilson-Anton, Briggs King, M.Smith
S.McBride, Townsend, Ennis, Hansen, Mantzavinos, Poore, Sokola, Walsh
Current Status: House Health & Human Development 3/15/22

Senate Bill 253 provides flexibility for nursing and assisted living facilities to make hiring decisions contingent on staff influenza vaccination status.

No one who works in any medical, healthcare or nursing job can be an anti-vax moron. The medical profession must be purged forever of anyone who listens to Donald Trump for medical advice.

Senate Bill 253 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
S.McBride, Ennis, Hansen, Sturgeon, Townsend
Bentz, Baumbach, Griffith, Mitchell
Current Status: Out of Committee 4/6/22

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