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SB 233 – Ending Separate Municipal Voter Registration

Here is a rare bipartisan sponsored bill, with Senator Tizzy Lockman sponsoring from the Senate and Representative Bryan Shupe sponsoring from the House. Senate Bill 233 will reform voter registration in muncipal elections by eliminating some muncipalities’ requirement that the eligible voter register to vote separately with the muncipality even if they are already registered to vote with the state.

Delaware has 57 municipalities that conduct their own elections, and 40 of them have their own voter registration process separate from the state registration system. This practice can lead many eligible voters in these muncipalities to be disenfranchised if they think that registering to vote with the state is sufficient to participate in all state and local elections. Indeed, it would be common sense for the voter to think that since since state registration is sufficient for voting in school board elections.

Senate Bill 233 would affect only eligible voters who are residents of the muncipalties. It does not affect local provisions that allow business or property owners who are not residents of the muncipalities to participate in the local election. To the extent that a muncipality has a registration provision that allows voting by local business or property owners, those provisions remain intact.

Senate Bill 233 SponsorsYes VotesNo Votes
Lockman, McBride, Pinkney
Shupe, Bentz, Baumbach, K.Johnson, Minor-Brown, Morrison, Wilson-Anton
Current Status: Out of Committee 3/17/22

Senator Lockman: “I think fundamentally this bill is about access to the vote for all Delawareans.”

Representative Shupe: “This commitment from Sen. Lockman, a Democrat, and me a Republican show that there are issues like voting rights that go beyond partisan politics. Our hope is that by passing both House and Senate committees, this issue cannot be ignored any longer.”

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  1. cassandram

    I want to remind everyone that while Rep. Shupe is all about democracy for *these* voters, he was “Not Voting” for the Constitutional Amendment that would allow no excuse voting by mail. He voted “Yes” for this same amendment in 2019, which means that it is reasonable to conclude that Rep. Shupe has moved from a Democracy for All stance to a Democracy for Only Those Who Support Us stance. I commend all efforts to make voting easier and more fair — it is a core Democratic value, after all. I just want those who want to ride on the coattails of Democrats’ commitment to voting fairness that your insincerity is well and broadly seen.

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